The Appeals Court In Favor Of Ban On Mask Mandates In School

The discussion on mask mandates in school has been on since July. On Friday, the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee supported the ban on mask mandates in schools.

In July, Gov. Ron DeSantis passed the executive order excluding the districts with mask mandates for school students and staff.

The Appeals Court In Favor Of Ban On Mask Mandates In School

Despite the orders, a few of the schools went ahead and imposed the mask mandates. The Florida Board of Education cut the funding of school board members that imposed the mandates. 

The United States Department of Education then has to get into the issue. It announced a new grant to restore some proportion of the funding, which was cut as they imposed mask mandates.

Local schools and staff are now allowed to apply for extra funding. The United States Secretary of Education said, ” assurances of the parent that the school is implementing correct policies for the safety of their child is the prime concern.” 

The Appeals Court In Favor Of Ban On Mask Mandates In School

Every student must be able to return to the in-person classroom with safety, said Miguel Cardona.

He said the schools should be rewarded for putting in place the proven policies and not be punished.

The debate on mask mandates for school students and the staff; is under discussion for a long time.

Now the students are returning to classrooms. And the responsibility of their safety and protection is in the hands of the school administration.

Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper permitted schools to implement mask mandates earlier this month. Cooper called DeSantis’ decision in favor of the ban unconstitutional.

The mandate and vaccine requirements are under implementation for the staff members and students in New York. The school students and staff members are required to wear a mask at all times. The staff members must take at least their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by September 27.

Friday’s appeals court ruling has reversed the decision. The order from the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee states, “ when an agency seeks appellate review the presumption under the rule must be followed in favor of the stay. The stay can be vacated only in case of the most compelling reasons.”

The White House is investigating the ban on mask mandate in the five states. 

The US President said it is our duty to ensure the safety of students and staff members while they return to the classroom. 

Children account for about 22.4% of the reported cases. In the last week, there was a rise in child cases by 9%.

The director of CDCP said, “ The hospitalization among kids is fourfold now.” The vaccination rate among children is low, whereas vaccinated children rarely need hospitalization. Dr. Walensky says, “Vaccination works.” 

The governor on Thursday said state laws do not allow local districts to make it a need. He further added that his view does not matter.

Lowa is one of the five states which have a ban on mask mandate. Garcia said parents are open to making their own decision. Many governors in the United States are against the enforcement of mask requirements in their states.

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