Cool Doji Danshi anime release date in Fall 2022 revealed by Play It Cool, Guys PV trailer

Promotional images for Cool Doji Danshi, aka Play It Cool, Guys.
A new slice of life anime is slated for release this Fall 2022 season. A new PV shows the cast. Photo credit: @cooldoji_PRTwitter

Cool Doji Danshi – the story of four boys who mask their carelessness with cool looks – due for release in October 2022 – has a new PV trailer revealing the voice cast. A slice-of-life story full of comedy and relatable situations, this new anime should be light-hearted fun if it resembles Kokone Nata’s manga.

Studio Pierrot will take care of the animation of the series. Best known for their work on shounen classics like Black Clover and Naruto, it will be interesting to see the studio take on a slow-burning “shoujo” show. Regardless of the label, Studio Pierrot creates more than shonen; The gag series Osomatsu-san and the slice-of-life anime Polar Bear Cafe are just a few examples.

The plot of Cool Doji Danshi – also known in English as Play It Cool, Guys – is difficult to quantify. It doesn’t follow a traditional structure with clear character goals and a big conflict. Rather, it introduces four main characters with a common dilemma. Sometimes their careless attitude leads to embarrassing situations. But in the end, each of them has their own way of dealing with their shortcomings.

Who is the voice of Cool Doji Danshi?

College student Hayate Ichikura is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi, best known for his work as Vinland Saga’s Askeladd and SK∞’s Langa. Ichikura, the thoughtful and introverted member of the crew, seeks individuality while feeling directionless.

Kouki Uchiyama – Kei Tsukishima by Haikyuu!! and Toge Inumaki from Jujutsu Kaisen – will voice high schooler Shun Futami. Futami puts on a harsh facade to hide his carelessness and struggles with how others see him, especially the girls at his school.

Takayuki Mima, the aloof office worker, is voiced by Yuuichirou Umehara, the protagonist of Goblin Slayer and the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure weather report. Unlike the rest of the crew, Takayuki is unaware of his clumsiness and how it affects his peers.

Rounding out the cast are Shouya Chiba – 86’s Shin and Classroom of the Elite’s Kiyotaka – who provides the voice for Souma Shiki, the 19-year-old little brother of fellow Takayuki. His way of dealing with his absent-mindedness is through positivity; Souma recognizes his mistakes but tries to interpret them positively.

Where can I read the Cool Doji Danshi manga?

Get all four volumes of the Cool Doji Danshi manga in Japanese from Square Enix. Both eBook and paperback editions are available through retailers such as Amazon Japan and the Manga Up app.

Translated as Play It Cool, Guys, the manga was published in English by Yen Press. Fans can buy the first three volumes – with a fourth available September 20 – from their favorite bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The 2020 edition of Kono Manga ga Sugoi!, an annual reference magazine that ranks manga series, ranked Cool Doji Danshi in its top 20 shojo list. Other picks included Not Your Idol – a drama exploring the life of an idol after fame – topped the Shoujo list and Spy x Family topped the Shonen list.

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