President Asks Companies To Mandate Vaccination For Employees

The US president Joe Biden on Thursday urged the private companies to impose vaccine mandates for the employees. Biden said, ” mandating vaccination for employees can bring the Covid-19 pandemic to an end.” 

The president announced last month that he will mandate vaccination for the 80 million American workers. But the lengthy rulemaking process put a halt to it, and it may not get into effect for few more weeks.

President Asks Companies To Mandate Vaccination For Employees

The president said, “about one-fourth of the population eligible for vaccination is reluctant to take the vaccine shot. It made us consider mandating vaccination.” 

The reluctance among citizens regarding vaccination enforced the Biden administration to mandate vaccination. Biden said, ” the low-lying vaccination rates made us take the call to impose vaccine  mandates.”  

President Asks Companies To Mandate Vaccination For Employees

The president, however, said that mandates were not his priority, but the requirements in some and the other places prove that they work immensely against the Covid-19 spread.

The US president, Joe Biden, in September announced, ” I will use all my power and force to vaccinate the 80 million American workers against the Covid-19 virus.” He called out all the private sector companies (with more than 100 workers) to mandate vaccination or impose the requirement for weekly testing. 

He also ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to formulate new rules to enforce the mandates. The White House then said, “the drafting and imposition of the requirements may take at least three to four weeks.” Apart from the officials who claim that the procedure will take a few more weeks, president Joe Biden announced that it will be in effect very soon.

With all the happenings in the backseat, president Joe Biden seems to shift the responsibility onto the companies. The US president said, ” Business is now more powerful than ever and has the strength to pull the nation out of the pandemic.” Biden states that private companies can lead the nation out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The announcement was made from a specific location, chosen precisely. The US president visited the Chicago area, which is home to United Airlines. United Airlines is one of the first major carriers that mandated vaccination for its US employees. United Airlines employs about 67,000 Americans. United Airlines claims that 99% of the employees from the United States abide by the vaccine requirements set by the airlines.

Following the decision by United Airlines, several other airlines also put in place similar requirements. Few other airlines with vaccine requirements are JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, SouthWest, and American Airlines. 

President Joe Biden spoke at the site that is under the control of Clayco. Clayco is a construction company with vaccine and testing requirements in place for its employees.

Apart from the vaccine mandates, Moderna plans to start its vaccine factory in Africa but says it may take time. Pfizer now urges the Food and Drug Administration to give the green flag to its Covid-19 vaccine for children aged between 5 to 11. San Francisco is considering the ease in masking requirements for those who are fully vaccinated.

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