Chloe X Halle Bailey

Chloe X Halle Bailey Realised How They Empower Each Other After A Discussion About Impostor Syndrome And Self-Doubt

R&D sisters Halle and Chloe Bailey reveal that they are just like everyone else in the world when it comes to self-doubt and how they help each other when they are.

After A Discussion About Impostor Syndrome And Self-Doubt

As the sisters discussed in an interview recently, they talked about how they help each other grow in their careers when they are feeling insecure about their own abilities.

Chloe X Halle Bailey

At times, Halle Bailey said, “It just feels so surreal to be doing meetings [with] all these people that I’m such big fans of and sometimes you feel like you have imposter syndrome”.

As Halle explains, it was her older sister Chloe who helped her get over her feelings of inadequacy by telling her, “No, you’re meant to be in there too.”

The fact that she can serve as a constant reminder of that to me is something I value greatly.” It’s been said that Halle’s older sister, Chloe, inspires her every day by simply being herself and watching her work so hard.

She also mentioned that Chloe had given her a great example of what she aspired to be and how she wanted to impact others.

Chloe Bailey reciprocated Halle’s feelings for her and said that she can always rely on Halle when she is feeling uncertain.

Halle is the first person I turn to when I’m feeling discouraged or unsure of myself. I’m grateful to have her by my side on this journey of life, because there are times when I doubt myself and my abilities.

It means the world to me every time to have someone who knows everything about me.”

Beyonce recognised Chloe and Halle Bailey for their YouTube covers, and they went on to have a successful career.

Both of the sisters’ albums were nominated for Grammy Awards after Beyonce signed them to her Parkwood Entertainment label.

A music video for the album’s title song was released in 2021 and has since gained 7.9 million views. Every time someone compares her to her younger sister, the sisters are quick to point out how they’ve always been supportive of each other.

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