Chicago PD Fans Have Had Some Brutal Thoughts On Jay Halstead

When a character lasts as long as Jay Halstead did in Chicago PD, they can end up changing in ways fans just don’t respond to. User u/oRiginal G773 complained in a reply on the Chicago PD discussion subreddit, eloquently titled “Jay is getting on my nerves…”. “Clearly. He’s fucking annoying me. So self righteous.” The original poster, u/FlimsyManagement, agreed that Jay’s seemingly holier-than-thou attitude was overdone, writing, “Yeah right! He’s super self-righteous and it’s out of control.” Also, u/bluedex chimed in that the intelligence unit is no place for someone who doesn’t want to admit they broke the rules like everyone else in the squad. “His hypocrisy is very annoying,” they wrote. “You cannot pretend to have the moral superiority while remaining in this unit. Either go or stop pretending you weren’t complicit in every broken law and broken bone along the way.”

But in fairness, as mentioned above, Halstead has reasons for being who he is, and we can blame the writers for that. As described by One Chicago Center, by Season 7, the character had become somewhat of a punching bag. “Halstead couldn’t take a break, and there were some storylines that didn’t make him look as good either,” the site continued.

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