How Can Certain Foods Affect Covid-19 Risks

How Can Certain Foods Affect Covid-19 Risks?

Is this true that certain foods have the power to reduce Covid-19 risks? As per the new study done on how nutrition affects immunity, certain foods actually reduce the risk of covid-19 because they are excellent to increase immunity. However, as per researchers, foods in your diet can increase or decrease the risks of Covid-19. Therefore, some foods like kale, coffee, and breast milk have the power to reduce the risks associated with Covid-19.

How Can Certain Foods Affect Covid-19 Risks?

Researchers used the data of UL Biobank to examine the link between dietary behaviors from 2006 to 2010 and the Covid-19 cases from March to November 2020 in the same group of people. 

How Can Certain Foods Affect Covid-19 Risks

Their study includes about 38000 participants who have received a Covid-19 test, and out of them, 17 percent of people were tested positive. In the study, some food groups have proved to show the effect on the immune system in earlier human and animal studies. The study proved that foods that reduced Covid-19 risks by nearly 10 percent include coffee, vegetables, and breast milk. However, there are many foods that show no impact on the risk associated with Covid -19, like tea, red meat, and fruits. Also, many foods increase the risk by 10 percent, as per researchers, including processed meats like hot dogs and deli meats.

  • According to experts

However, the reason behind the cause and effect of these foods on immunity is not yet determined, but experts say that there is a link between nutrition and Covid-19, and it is inflammation. According to an adult and pediatric allergist and immunologist in New York City, Dr. Purvi Parikh, ‘it makes sense generally as both vegetables and coffee are linked with inflammation and thus better immune function.’ Dr. Parikh, who is a spokesperson for the Allergy & Asthma Network, told Health line ‘however, the mechanism is still unknown; it further confirms that a healthy lifestyle is linked with the better outcome from covid. For example, people who were obese had heart disease, or diabetes showed much worse in comparison to those who did not have those conditions. She added that consuming healthy foods can prevent you from other contributing factors for diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. She said ‘good diet is not alone enough as the vaccine is the only effective way to prevent Covid-19’.

Additionally, a health advisor for Lifesum and Gympass, Christina Meyer-Jax, said that as per new research, it proves that breastfed infants have diets fully packed in plant-based foods and consumed less processed meats and junk foods, and have less chance for acute and chronic health issues. She also told Healthline, ‘overall it is good to eat more of whole foods and plant-based foods; however, more research in terms of diet and Covid-19 is required to make strong recommendations.

  • Benefits of foods that reduce the risks associated with Covid-19

Some foods help to reduce the risk linked with covid-19. Studies proved that consuming them on a daily basis can offer many benefits. Let’s elaborate more about the benefits these foods provide:

  1. Coffee

However, both tea and coffee support your immune system as they contain disease-fighting compounds. According to Meyer-Jax, coffee contains more polyphenols in comparison to tea, specifically chlorogenic acid, which is a unique compound present in coffee.   She added that ‘many studies showed that this unique compound in coffee supports immune functions.’ However, she said that more research is required to show what is directly associated with and affecting the results and whether caffeine is considered safe.

  • Vegetables

Meyer-Jax clarifies that vegetables contain powerful micronutrients and phytonutrients that promote immune function. In addition, she said ‘vegetables also had fiber which relates to better gut bacteria mix and that many research proved. Having more and more good bacteria will leads to a stronger immune system and less inflammation that ultimately leads to better health’.

  • Breast milk

As per health experts, breast milk offers antibodies to infants that help them with colds, flu, ear infections, and gut infections. Health experts also noticed that breastfed babies contain extra protection in their bodies against respiratory tract infections too, and coronavirus also falls into this category. As per research earlier, this is also proved and concluded that vaccinated people could pass the vaccine’s benefits to infants through breast milk.

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