CDC Analyzes Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

CDC Analyzes Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

Three vaccines that are tried and tested have been put to use in the United States of America. People are being administered the vaccine on a daily basis and the adult population is becoming immune day by day. The people who are becoming immune would not want to follow the strictest protocols because they have already generated antibodies against the coronavirus. This is the reason why the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have enforced new guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals. 

CDC Analyzes Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

Many people welcomed these new guidelines issued by the CDC as they were awaited for a long time. Tables have turned for the fully vaccinated people, the restrictions on them have been considerably relaxed and here’s why. The fully-vaccinated individuals have gained sufficient immunity towards the virus. They cannot be affected by the virus nor can they spread the virus to other people. So, they can go back to the times of pre-covid. This is a very positive outcome of the vaccination drive and the road ahead is only going to get better.

CDC Analyzes Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

But some of the individuals were not really happy about this progress and the guidelines issued. They were worried about the effectiveness of the virus. With more than 60,000 new cases being reported every day and the constant fear of rising covid virus variants, it has become even more difficult to trust the vaccines. To date, the non-effectiveness of the virus has not occurred but the rising number of virus variants has planted this doubt among the citizens of the United States of America. We cannot ignore these concerns and let people who have been fully-vaccinated wander around without any safety. It might put them to risk and other non-vaccinated individuals at large. 

The health repercussions of the covid-19 virus should not be ignored because it will overwhelm the health care facilities and put more strain on the frontline and health care workers. The vaccination was possible so soon because of the developed technology, but the administration of the vaccine is manual and a slow process. Also, it takes almost a month to complete the process of vaccination for an individual. The current President of the United States of America had earlier affirmed that there are enough vaccine shots available for all of the Adult population and if they are willing, they can get the shots at the nearest health care center.

Now, in recent developments, President Biden has announced that the United States is going to reach a milestone with the most number of vaccines that were administered. This is one of the news which we wanted to hear in recent times of unprecedented turmoil. The guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals have been altered but the basics remain the same. They need to wear masks and maintain a healthy distance from other individuals for their further protection.

But, those who are not yet vaccinated, what are you waiting for. You might get your normal life back by getting yourself vaccinated. Numerous ad campaigns are going on to encourage people to come forward and get those vaccine shots. CDC experts say, “Travelling would be restricted and unsafe if people don’t get vaccinated. It will be a foolish step to not abide by the guidelines and not getting administered those effective vaccine shots when there is an opportunity.” Whenever travel restrictions are eased there is a surge in covid-19 cases, this will only stop when the travelers take the vaccination drive seriously.

For those who are fully-vaccinated, kudos to you for stepping up and protecting us and yourself in particular. So, go ahead and get vaccinated, it will save your life.

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