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August 14, 2022
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Almost All US Kids Live In Red Zones; Reveals New CDC Guidelines

As per an analysis of the federal data, almost 99% of the US children live in a county that is reported to be a high-risk zone with a high level of COVID 19 transmission. The

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Trump Impeachment Trial Resumed In Senate

Impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump resumed on Tuesday in the Senate. The trial will decide whether to convict Trump of incitement of Capitol riots or not. This is one of the fastest trials

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Historical Statues Being Removed In Georgia

Public places were devoid of Confederate statues this week in Georgia. At least 2 Statues are known to be removed from public locations. With the revolutionary idea ahead of handling the historical statues of the

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Vaccinations Overpassing Infections: WHO

After a year of wreaking havoc, mankind is gradually toppling over the global novel COVID-19 virus with vaccines. As per the announcement made by World Health Organization, the novel coronavirus shots are in the top

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License Plates With Confederate Battle Flag To Be Discontinued In North Carolina

North Carolina has discontinued the license plates with the Confederate battle flag symbol engraved on them. The specialty license plate will not be issued further. The decision was taken citing that the symbol has a

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