Cannes Critics Are All Shook Up Over Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis

There’s a lot going on in the reviews of “Elvis.” IndieWire’s David Ehrlich summed it up on Twitter: “ELVIS is a nightmare.” The film doesn’t fare much better in his review, as he goes on to say: “[‘Elvis’] finds so little reason for Presley’s life to be the stuff of a Baz Luhrmann film that the equation is ultimately reversed and we are left with an Elvis Presley film about Baz Luhrmann.

Of course, other critics were much friendlier. Here’s the final statement from Variety’s review: “Luhrmann has made a woefully imperfect but at times riveting drama that grows into something moving and true. By the end, the film’s melody was unleashed.” By those accounts, the film seems to have flaws, but if you’re willing to dig deeper, there’s something worth appreciating in the biopic.

And no matter which side critics fall on, everyone seems to agree that Austin Butler gives a powerful performance as the eponymous showman. Ella Kemp took to Twitter to write: “ELVIS: That’s a lot of movie and I had a very good time with most of it! Takes his ‘jiggles’ really seriously and literally (craziest edit ever), but gosh, Austin Butler is selling it.” It’s definitely a mixed bag, but viewers will have to decide for themselves which camp they fall into when “Elvis” hits In theaters June 24th.

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