Cannabis Drug Usage Warns People With Heart Rhythm Disorders

Cannabis Drug Usage Warns People With Heart Rhythm Disorders

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug taken from the cannabis plant used for medical purpose and to recreate the vaccines. In a study, it is proved that 2.4 million people who are hospitalized by cannabis have come to know that they are 4.5 times with arrhythmia are probably to die. As these people are in hospitals, they are more likely to die than people without hospitals.

Cannabis Drug Usage Warns People With Heart Rhythm Disorders

Dr Sittinun Thangjui said that people should be careful and create awareness around them about cannabis. People should be careful if they are accompanying heart patients; the usage of cannabis might trouble the patients with more health issues. 

Cannabis Drug Usage Warns People With Heart Rhythm Disorders

Cannabis may be used for medicinal purposes, but it is the most hazardous drug. Worldwide there is a piece of limited knowledge about cannabis to the people who are taking safety precautions with cardiac arrhythmias. This whole study has given a conclusion about drug users on freight of arrhythmias who had admitted in the hospitals. Cannabis does also have source plants named cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, cannabis ruderalis.

These source plants are also used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis geographically origins from Indian subcontinents and central Asia. Cannabis previously used for some likely hemp seeds, hemp fibre, and hemp leaves are used as vegetables and juices.

According to a study, cannabis research had started by using a national inpatient sample database. This database has covered the US population of 97%. This study has embraced cannabis users with a count of 2,457,544 population who are mostly adults are into hospitals in the years 2016 – 2018. Among these users’ 7.6%means 187,825 patients are suffering from arrhythmia.

Arrhythmia disease is mainly affected by older people as the average age was 50.5 years; these people are also having other health issues included. People without arrhythmia has an average age of 30.8 years. 

Cannabis had many side effects with chemical compounds that are inbuilt in it from the plant. As it is a herbal drug, it contains cannabinoids chemicals, and these cannabinoids are used to make medicines. Cannabis has a large amount of THC (TetraHydroCannabinol), which causes irregular heart rhythms, heart attacks, and psychosis.

A regular intake of cannabis may cause cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Cannabis is possibly unsafe for humans. Cannabis should not be used by women during pregnancy, people suffering from bipolar disorder, heart diseases, people who are having allergies with vegetables and fruits, especially some type of plants that contain chemicals, diabetes, epilepsy, Schizophrenia, lung disease, and liver diseases.

Cannabis contains toxicities that affect short-term life as well as long-term life. Cannabis also has some advantages despite heart rhythms; smoking the cannabis directly into our mouth decreases nerve pain and muscle spasms. People who are suffering from depression, drooling, and appetites may show some positive results on the reduction of symptoms.

Some of the researchers said that people with arrhythmia had a mortality rate of 4.5 times higher odds in the hospital with cannabis compared to the people who are not suffering from arrhythmia. Arrhythmia patient should even take rest in hospital for 6 days. Doctors and scientists warn people that cannabis usage increases the effect of heart rhythm disorders which risks the patient’s life. 

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