Breathing Exercises By Stephanie Mansour

Breathing Exercises By Stephanie Mansour

The pandemic has hit the world and added more stress to everyone’s life. Due to these circumstances, there is a change in the lifestyle of the people which leads to more uncertainty. To start the day with breathwork and mindfulness can help in maintaining a proper framework and consistency in your routine.

Breathing Exercises By Stephanie Mansour

According to research, a regular routine can decrease stress effectively and lower anxiety levels. Several studies have shown that mindfulness meditation improves the decision-making and concentration of a person. 

Breathing Exercises By Stephanie Mansour

Stephanie Mansour, a yoga instructor and host of “Step It Up With Steph” has prepared breathing exercises that give energy to your body and relax your mind and body.

In yoga and meditation, breathing in and out is involved. The main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, engage in these activities and makes your breath calmer and deeper.  Various cardio and strength training includes breathing through the nose and letting it out through the mouth for efficient release of carbon dioxide. 

There are five breathing exercises having various breathing patterns. For better results, you can do the following exercises in the morning for about two to three minutes. These exercises revitalize your mind and body to start the day. 

  1. Intense deep breathing 

In yoga classes, people have practiced this type of breathing but many people don’t know how to start this step. Firstly, search for a quiet and comfortable place where you won’t get distracted. Now, for five seconds take a deep breath through your nose while counting in your head and breath out through the nose for five seconds. You have to focus on the movement of your breath only. The diaphragm contracts and becomes tightened and fills the air in your lungs as you breathe in. It pushes the abdominal contents downwards and expands the wall outwards. The diaphragm relaxes and the abdominal wall gets flat as you breathe out. 

  1. Alternate nostril breathing

This exercise helps in relaxing and can be practiced during meditation and yoga. 

To do this exercise, sit in a comfortable position and keep your left hand on your left knee while your right hand is at your nose, and inhale through your left nostril. Repeat this with your right nostril. The exercise helps in reducing anxiety and relaxing your mind and helps in restoring balance. In the morning, practicing the exercise daily improves mindfulness and controls daily stress

  1. Rejuvenating first pump breath

The breathing pattern involves inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. The inhaling step helps in increasing oxygen levels by filtering out dust and allergens and exhaling helps in the relaxation of the jaw and body. Cross your legs to sit in a comfortable position.. Hold your fist near the chest and pump your arms in the air while exhaling. While you inhale through your nose, bring your arms down. The arm movements help in elevating heart rate and make the exercise more energizing,

  1. Skull shining breathing

This step helps in balancing and energizing your mind and body and also helps with mindfulness. Firstly, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale sharply with forceful blows through your mouth. The exhale step should be quick which releases the air from your lungs bit by bit. You have to blow 10 times per exhale and again inhale naturally and repeat the process. This particular breathing exercise helps in digestion like constipation and gas. It also helps in the functioning of the heart and lungs. Sharp exhaling helps in toning the core. 

  1. Breath meditation

Stephanie finds her clients struggling with the easy step as focusing on the breath is the most difficult thing. Because of many thoughts running in the mind. The exercise has to be practiced in a quiet place without any noise and distractions. Comfortably sit in a relaxed position and inhale and exhale naturally. Focus on your breathing and air moving in and out through your lungs. It helps in lowering heart rate, blood pressure and decreases fatigue. Doing this breathing exercise in the morning helps in the fresh start of your day. 

During these difficult times, the only certain thing is your breath. Practicing these breathing exercises helps in improving your breath. 

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