Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of The Evil Dead

While it’s certainly not “quirky” for movies to lean on existing movies for their sound design, the source material for some of the sounds in The Evil Dead is definitely a bit petty.

As Bruce Campbell describes in his Actors DVD commentary, the ethereal atmospheric sound you hear when the gang ventures into the basement, the “slightly warbling wind,” comes from a famous 1949 Orson Welles thriller starring the Title “The Third Man”. by Carol Reed. Not exactly a connection you’d expect, but hey, when it works, it works. Speaking of which, the noise that accompanies the roaming entity rocking and squirming through the forest consisted of “wind, a low-pitched rumble, a rumbling track, and Sam Raimi’s voice, the [they] processed later to make it kind of resonant and distant.”

In the final moments of the film, as the cabin sounds circle around Ash, we hear the sound of footsteps on the ceiling. As Campbell describes, the steps were actually Sam Raimi “walking around in a recording studio in heels on his feet because his feet were too big to fit the shoes.”

The very faint drone that sometimes fills the background has an interesting origin. While Raimi and Campbell were mixing the film in New York City, “the control panel had a problem with one of the faders,” which in turn caused feedback and reverberation when the volume knob was open. “We could just lay down long stretches of this sound because we thought it was a good ambient sound… [that] didn’t cost us a dime.”

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