Biden Attains Half The Target Of His Covid Vaccine Strategy

President Joe Biden marks his 50 millionth vaccine administration keeping his promise of providing 100 million covid vaccines within his first 100 days at the White House. 

The achievement comes just within a month of his Presidency which is said to be way ahead of the set deadline. 

Biden Attains Half The Target Of His Covid Vaccine Strategy

He urged the country to remain alert in cases of unexpected vaccine rollout and said that he would be putting in his complete effort to clean the mess caused by his predecessor. 

Biden added that when he had previously ordered for the 100 million vaccine strategy, the critics had described his goal as over-ambitious and impossible. 

Biden Attains Half The Target Of His Covid Vaccine Strategy

He proudly stated that his administration has now reached half the goal ahead of schedule despite the various hindrances they had to endure in between. 

Former President Donald Trump had extremely poor measures taken against the coronavirus resulting in severe destruction of America.

Biden said that after undertaking as new President he was left with nothing to start from and that the present vaccine distribution ie; 12 million shots per week is twice the supply made by Trump’s final week as President. 

The US regulators have been allowing Pfizer vaccine to be shipped and stored in less cold temperatures to make the distribution and administration processes easier. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supported this action by stating that they allowed it after reviewing the new data provided by Pfizer and its partner BioTech. 

Pfizer had provided FDA with data that proves the vaccines can remain stable for 2 weeks at standard freezer temperatures. 

Before this measure, the shots were required to be stored in ultracold temperatures which meant that the vaccination centers too had to organize ultracold freezers that were expensive. It also had to be separately shipped and administered to maintain the temperatures.

Although America’s infection cases have been notably dropping and vaccine supply has been smooth, Biden remarked that his administration would continue to work its best to bring the pandemic under control and that the achievement of half the target shots wasn’t a time to celebrate the success and relax. 

He warned the citizens by saying that more cases are yet to come up in the following months due to the spread of the new variants. 

Based on this, he also requested the people to continue the practice of masks and social distancing and noted that the vaccination campaign had slowed due to the unexpected Texas snowstorm and the lack of immediate measures by the former President. 

Biden affirmed that his team would soon order for a better educational campaign to create awareness on the importance of vaccination and ways to avail the shots. 

He also talked about how after a few months there would be an adequate supply of doses but fewer recipients. 

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