Ayakashi Triangle anime release date in 2023

Ayakashi Triangle TV Anime Official Announcement for 2023 Airing. Photo Credit: Ayakashi Triangle TV Official Anime Website

It has been officially announced that Kentarō Yabuki’s manga Ayakashi Triangle will be getting an anime adaptation in 2023.

The exact date has not yet been announced, so stay tuned!

Ayakashi Triangle Manga Details

The manga was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from June 2020 to April 2022, and was recently migrated to the Shōnen Jump+ app (starting April 2022). The manga has been collected into nine tankōbon volumes (as of May 2022).

Mangaka Kentarō Yabuki is also known for his series Black Cat (2000–2004), To Love Ru (2006–2009), and To Love Ru Darkness (2010–2017). The latter two were illustrated by Yabuki and written by Saki Hasemi.

Ayakashi Triangle: What is it?

Ayakashi Triangle (あやかしトライアングル) follows exorcist ninja Matsuri Kazamaki as he tries to defend his childhood friend Suzu Kanade. Kanade is an ayakashi (evil spirit) medium. However, Kazamaki is cursed by Shirogane (the ayakashi king) and thereby turned into a girl.

Kazamaki doesn’t know how to undo the curse and has to live as a girl all the time while dealing with complex issues like friendly and unfriendly ayakashi and romantic feelings for Suzu that slowly develop.

Viz Media and Shueisha will digitally publish the manga in English. Seven Seas Entertainment announced the license acquisition of the Ayakashi Triangle manga series in late March 2022 and will begin releasing tankōbon volumes (uncut single editions) both physically and digitally in November 2022.

The Seven Seas synopsis describes the manga as follows:

“Teenage boy Kazamaki Matsuri has long been part of an elite force of ninja exorcists tasked with battling malevolent ayakashi spirits that threaten Japan — particularly those after his childhood friend, spirit medium Kanade Suzu. As he fiercely protects her and his relationship with her blossoms from friendship into something more, a powerful feline ayakashi vows to slip between the lovebirds: by casting a forbidden spell that will transform Matsuri into a woman! With no obvious way to undo the spell, Matsuri must keep fighting Ayakashi in this new female body – and going back to school until he finds a way to turn back.”

The manga has a voice comic adaptation that was released on November 20, 2020. The episodes will be uploaded to the official Jump Comics YouTube channel. Weekly Shōnen Jump created voice comics for its anime series series in October 2020 as part of the Jump Channel renewal. Ayakashi Triangle Voice Comics are available through the official Jump Comics channel.

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