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This week, fans can look forward to more action and drama in Tower Of God Chapter 546 Lo Bo Pia Family. Things will soon get supercharged, however, as the Po Bidau family has also taken the spotlight. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter.

In the upcoming chapter, fans will be able to see how the dynamic of the war changes as the heroes of the Po Bidau family also join the attack. Will they support Baam and the heroes? Only the next trip will give the answer.

Tower of God Chapter 546

Tower of God Chapter 546: What Will Happen Next?

Much will unfold in this next installment of Tower of God. Last week’s episode brought a new take on the whole story. It could be seen that Po Bidua’s family was also ready to join the fiery battle. The baam and reverie storyline hadn’t happened on the last outing. So there’s a good chance these two will return to the limelight.

While it will be a long time before the romantic arc of Baam’s storyline continues, Lilian’s arrival portends the same thing. For now, Tower Of God Chapter 546 will take a look at which side the Po Bidau family will be on. It’s possible that the Reverie will get into trouble because it’s outnumbered.

Tower of God Chapter 546

Summary of the previous chapter!

Tower of God Chapter 545 began just before the Lo Po Bia’s teleportation ship arrived. It was seen that Dreamer’s daughter was worried about not being able to say a final goodbye to her friends before they left for the expedition. But she also worried that something must have happened to her family at the time. She also thought of her sister Shilal, whom she had not seen for a very long time.

And so this moment marked the entry of the heroes onto Maschenny’s Floating Ship. Much drama and destruction had taken place on this side of the war as well. But reverie didn’t care about that particular part. The last act of the chapter saw that the bookworms had arrived from the ship Po Bidau. And now more fighters from this family are eager to join the fight.

Tower of God Chapter 546

Tower of God Chapter 546: Release Date

Fans wouldn’t have to wait any longer to read Tower of God’s upcoming appearance. Baam’s expedition and the other heroes’ suicide mission continue with full fire this week. So Tower Of God Chapter 546 will be released without interruption. The final release date is June 12, 2022. Fans can only access all chapters of the manhwa on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon and Kakaopage. So keep an eye on this page for more information about it.


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