Are You Curious About Zeke Yeager’s Fate In Attack On Titans? Is The Warrior Unit’s Most Powerful Warrior Still Alive?

We went through a rollercoaster of emotions in Attack on Titans’ last few episodes. It has been a whirlwind since the last episode, and we’ve watched our characters crack and bend.

Are You Curious About Zeke Yeager’s Fate In Attack on Titans?

Erene Jaeger has seized the power of the Founding Titan and is preparing to begin The Rumbling, which will wipe out all life on Earth save for that found in Paradis Land.


Aside from Zeke Yeager, Erene Jeager has been absent from several recent episodes. Zeke’s disappearance from the series has sparked a lot of speculation as to what happened to him.

Because things did not go well for Zeke in Attack on Titans the last time we saw him. As far as I know, he is still alive and well. Do we know if he’s dead or not?

Before delving into Zeke’s current predicament, let’s take a look back at his appearance in Attack on Titans. Earlier, he had intervened to prevent Erene from persuading Found Yimir to end the world via nuclear war.

As a result of Erene’s persuasion, Yimir fulfils Erene’s request to unleash all of the Titans on the Earth. When Erene takes over as the founding titan, Zeke is left behind. There is still no word on what happened to Zeke after that.

Because he is a Beast Titan, the odds of Zeke Yeager being alive are much higher than the odds of him being dead. I’m sure that he’s well versed in the titan form of Beast Titan.

This means that Zeke, with so many abilities, is unlikely to be easily defeated in a world of Titans. Zeke’s survival may be bolstered by the next unlikely event, but we all know that Captain Levi’s unfulfilled wish to kill Zeke will ensure that he dies in the series.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, we know that Erene need royal blood in order to activate the Founding Titan’s Power, and that in order to do so and have access to all of its potential, he will require Zeke’s presence.

We can deduce that Reiner Braun’s strongest warrior, Zeke, is still alive, given that there are more possibilities of him being alive than of him being dead.


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