Are Vanessa Ray And Will Estes From Blue Bloods Friends In Real Life?

In a March interview with Nerds of Color, Vanessa Ray was asked about the dynamic she shares with her “Blue Bloods” co-star Will Estes, as well as her favorite moment from their journey together on the CBS series. Ray responded by sharing an anecdote about her mother visiting the set of Blue Bloods. She recalled her mother telling her that she and Estes talked non-stop whether the camera was on or off — which her co-stars didn’t.

Ray added: “We don’t stop talking. I get kind of emotional thinking back to the beginning of our friendship, and I’m thinking about our friendship now. It’s one of my longest relationships. It’s someone who knows me in a space that even my best friends haven’t worked long 12-hour days with me etc. So we know each other in a very specific way and he’s been my scene partner for eight, nine years. It’s crazy.”

Further evidence of Ray and Estes’ ongoing friendship is a picture she posted to Instagram in October 2019. The picture shows the actors in close proximity to each other and holding hands. Several emojis are used to describe the image, including a female cop emoji, a heart, a male cop emoji, and the hashtag “#jamko,” which is the fan-made portmanteau for their characters.

So it seems that not only are the characters of Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan close on screen, but the actors who play them share a special bond, which is probably why they are in Blue Bloods. have such strong chemistry.

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