Are Miyako & Junpei A Couple? Release Date & Plot


Dance Dance Danseur Episode 9 will continue to be released this week. The show focuses on Junpei and his growing passion for ballet. The main actor has targeted Miyako, who likes her cousin Ruou. As the series progresses, Miyako spends more time with Junpei. However, the duo is missing one thing. It’s the synchronization while dancing. Junpei has recently found himself matching levels with Natsuki. Will Junpei’s confession to Miyako cause problems in his dance with Natsuki? What will Ruou do about it? Here’s everything about the latest outing.

In the following chapter, the show will likely find Ruu’s passion for ballet uplifting. He’s currently avoiding a lot. Besides, he was sure that Miyako only liked him. After Miyako’s confession for Junpei, Ruou might take some time to reconsider some things.

Dance dance danseur episode 9

Dance Dance Danseur Episode 9: What will happen next?

So in the last episode, Ruou had to watch Miyako and Junpei kiss and finally confess her hidden feelings. Ruou was always sure that Miyako liked him. However, throughout the show, there was no indication of how he feels about Miyako. It’s likely that Ruou likes her because of his reaction to the events. There’s a chance he might feel inferior to Junpei as well. Hence, he might see himself as being overwhelmed by him in this case.

Meanwhile, Miyako and Junpei can officially be called a couple. It seems that Miyako was hiding her feelings for him, and watching him dance with Natsuki has made her aware of that. However, this could cause a problem for the dancing couples. Miyako will be placed with Ruou while Junpei will dance with Natsuki. Both couples complement each other very well. However, this could pose a problem in Dance Dance Danseur Episode 9.

Dance dance danseur episode 9

Summary of the previous episode!

Dance Dance Danseur Episode 8 started with a flashback scene where Ruou was being trained by his grandmother. He is constantly compared by Mazuru. The episode shared moments when Ruou was abused by his grandmother. The nightmare was interrupted when Junpei knocked on the door. Then he took Ruou away from his seat. They were then seen at rehearsals. Miyako went to Junpei wishing they would be partners for the next part.

However, since their sizes have a big difference, Miyako was paired with Ruou. On the other hand, Junpei got Natsuki. The duo were suspicious of each other and didn’t get along. However, they soon started talking about their favorite performance, which helped them bond. Junpei saw himself dancing freely with Natsuki. The episode ended with Junpei confessing to Miyako. Finally, Ruou was seen walking home alone.

Dance dance danseur episode 9

Dance Dance Danseur Episode 9 release date

It’s possible that Ruou doesn’t have feelings for Miyako. However, he compares himself to Junpei, which causes problems in his life. So, Dance Dance Danseur Episode 9 will be released on June 3rd, 2022. The series is available to stream on Netflix. So stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more updates.


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