Are Jake And April Still Together from The Ultimatum? Where Are Jake And April Now?

Are Jake and April from the Ultimatum still together?

The Ultimatum, a Netflix original movie, recently came out, and there’s still little information out there about who’s getting married and who isn’t. The show wrapped up filming in May 2021, making it a little clearer where the six couples are now. Jake Cunningham, 26, and April Marie in particular, have admirers looking for answers. April gave Jake an ultimatum after they dated for two years, telling him to either marry her or leave her, and got her on the show. The two seemed in love and ready to work on their relationship when they got together, but the teaser suggests things are about to heat up (but certainly not in a good way). With all the drama surrounding Jake and April, here’s everything you need to know about whether they’re still together.


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Jake and April from the ultimatum

At first, the trailers give the impression that their relationship will falter throughout the series. April, who has tears in her eyes in one scene, confesses: “I love you to death, but I just can’t wait any longer.” That’s why I’m giving this ultimatum.” “Should I just stay with you because you’re crying and I’m crying feel bad or should I be looking for what I really want in life?” asks Jake tersely. “He’s falling in love with someone else,” April says in another footage, accompanied by what appears to be April’s claim that she doesn’t think they “just kissed.”

Their Instagram accounts offer no evidence of dating. Neither of them have any posts with the other on their timelines and on their tagged photos. Between October 2020 and February 2022, Jake has a large photo gap. Between June 2020 and April 2021 there is a break in April. And given how often she updates her 55,000 followers, it’s hard to believe she removed old posts. They also don’t appear to be following each other, which could indicate a breakup!

A woman who isn’t a member of the cast tagged one of Jake’s recent activities with champagne glass emojis. Could he have moved on after filming with someone who wasn’t in the program? Then, in June 2021, he received a rent payment from another woman. Is she a potential new love interest or just a roommate?

Are Jake and April still together?

According to the evidence, these two don’t seem to be together anymore. But you’ll have to watch The Ultimatum, which launches April 6 on Netflix, for a definitive answer. The finale and reunion will be released on April 13th. The episodes will be released in two parts on Netflix. The first eight episodes can be seen on April 6th.

Who did Jake choose for his guinea pig?

It’s no surprise that he chose Rae in The Choice. He told the other actors, “With Rae, she’s very interested in finding out what I want.” “We literally clicked on every level right after our first date,” Jake said afterwards. Every other time we dated, you were the one I looked forward to the most to meet and spend time with. At the end of the day, I believe we have a future together.” Rae was dizzy with anticipation. They’re going to do the trial together because she chose him.

“Me and Rae don’t go together,” Jake says in April’s preview of the season finale. That’s not going to happen.” However, it seems that Rae is interrupting Jake and April’s Ultimatum Day chat. Fans will have to wait until April 13 to find out who Jake picked, but social media seems to indicate that he and Rae are no Rae, for example, tweeted in January that “there’s not much out there to have feelings for.” Jake’s relationship status on Facebook was reported as “single” just before The Ultimatum aired.

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