Apex Legends’ New Update To Storm Point Will Change It Forever

Probably the most notable change to Storm Point is this new Point of Interest (POI), “Downed Beast”. According to in-game lore, Storm Point was the site of a recent attack by an unidentified prehistoric creature. Though many of the game’s legends share a strained relationship with one another, they have teamed up to take down this monstrous menace. Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach (ECHO) has meanwhile arrived at Storm Point to clean up the island, but removing a giant monster from the area could take a while. As a result, this crustacean beast will rest on a vast stretch of once-empty shoreline for the foreseeable future.

According to the update’s patch notes, this POI will contain high tier loot and will certainly be a highly contested area when it comes to getting into matches. The creature’s hard shell is also advertised as being ideal for cover from enemy gunfire. According to Respawn, “Teams are encouraged to land on one of the platforms and collect loot in one of the many ECHO tents and then make their way through the beast’s interior.”

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