Anupamaa’s 18-Episode Prequel Is Coming To Disney+Hotstar; Rupali Ganguli Is Involved

Hotstar and Disney+ are making strides in India’s serial market with their new partnership. Streaming of Indian soap operas is a major reason why Hotstar is one of the most popular and widely utilised OTT platforms in India.

Anupamaa’s 18-Episode Prequel Is Coming To Disney+Hotstar;

Streaming Indian soap operas in a variety of languages is available on the service. Anupamaa, a show about a Gujarati housewife, is the most well-known of all the daily soap operas.


Anupamaa is adored by every Indian family, and no one misses an episode. As a result, Anupamaa devotees may rejoice with this development.

The Disney+Hotstar prequel to the soap drama will be released soon. The prequel is wonderful news for Indian serial fans, even if the release date hasn’t been revealed by the creators.

Anupamaa, the protagonist, will be the subject of an 18-episode prequel, which will focus on her life before her marriage to Vanraj.

Both Rupali Ganguli and Sudhanshu, who now play Anupama and Vanraj, will reprise their roles as the newlyweds in the show.

The majority of Anupamaa’s cast will appear in the prequel’s 18-episode run. The prequel will launch only on Disney+Hotstar and will not be shown on TV.

It was Gaurav Banerjee, Head of Disney+Hotar, who said, “Experimenting with new formats is an everyday standard at Disney+Hostar, and this vision has led to the genesis of a prequel to the audience’s favourite television show.”

As a result, he believes that the prequel would be well received by Indian fans of the series.

As of July 13, 2020, Anupamaa has released almost 500 episodes on both Starplus and Disney+Hotstar, the original TV channel. Anupama, the soap opera’s protagonist, is the focus of the storey.

Dedicated to her husband, children, and family, Anupama is a Gujarati housewife. Anupama has given up her entire life to care for her family. Her spouse and her in-laws regularly humiliated her.

Finding out that her spouse is having an extramarital affair with his coworker completely turns her world upside down.

As a result, the storyline of the soap opera revolves around Anupamaa’s journey of self-discovery following her divorce from her spouse.

In the show, we meet Anupama, a housewife who decides to go out on her own and finds true love. In contrast to the cliched Indian soap operas, Anupamaa offers a fresh and unique take on the genre.


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