Antibiotic-Resistant Infections In Bangladeshi Kids Reported ‘Very Worrying’

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections In Bangladeshi Kids Reported ‘Very Worrying’

A recent study has revealed high levels of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in children under 5 years of age. Pneumonia is killing children in Bangladesh. Around 18 percent of bacteria were isolated from the children suffering from Pneumonia. However, they turned out to be very resistant. The researchers have concluded that the infections are a result of poor sanitation, dirty surroundings, and the use of OTC drugs. It may be taken as a warning sign for people globally. Such infections and conditions take very little time to spread. 

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections In Bangladeshi Kids Reported ‘Very Worrying’

Reports from WHO or World Health Organization states that more and more infections are going untreated. The antibiotics are failing to ward off viral and bacterial infections, like tuberculosis, and salmonellosis. It can be attributed to antibiotic resistance. The world is seemingly moving towards an anti-biotic resistant era. Common diseases can also turn deadly in the near future. 

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections In Bangladeshi Kids Reported ‘Very Worrying’

In recent tests in a hospital in Bangladesh, nearly 18 percent of bacteria isolated from children suffering from pneumonia have tested resistant. 

Community Transmission – Cause For Worry

Today, the most worrying state of affairs includes community transmission. Children with multi-drug-resistant bloodborne diseases are more likely to die than those without it. The recent researches are a joint effort by Bangladeshi and US scientists. There has been a dramatic increase in antibiotic resistance in a hospital in Dhaka. 

The Co-author Jason Harris, who is into pediatric research has said, that community transmissions are very much possible in such circumstances. The doctor and Co-author have particularly mentioned that he has seen a lot of antibiotic resistance in people who have been hospitalized with chronic illnesses. However, all these people talked about are the children who come from risk-probe communities. This trend worries all researchers, doctors, and scientists. Some of the reasons to which such conditions can be attributed are unclean water, unsafe localities, dirt accumulation, improper sewerage, and widespread use of OTC drugs. 

South and Southeast Asia seem to be the prime target here. The problem seems to be much more worrying in the U.S. If nothing is done to address the issues, it may start spreading to all the locations, on the global map. 

Pneumonia In Children 

Pneumonia is the cause of nearly 12 percent of deaths in children, in Bangladesh. Nearly, 4,000 children were diagnosed with the diseases between 2014 and 2017 in the pediatric hospital in Dhaka. Of this population sample, around 1,800 samples were tested. 108 samples came out positive. That is a 6 percent incidence rate. Gram-negative bacteria seem to be the cause of the infection. It is an unusually high proportion of bacterial pneumonia. Moreover, trends show that children with Bacteremia, a blood disorder are more likely to die. 

Thus, the emerging antibiotic-resistance pandemic is creeping into the lives of residents in Dhaka. There are no old results or experiments that suggested this trend. Otherwise, the same could have acted as the basis of the study. There is a clear risk associated with death due to antibiotic resistance in children under five, suffering from pneumonia. 

Thus, the requirement for better diagnostic tests is a necessity today. It otherwise could start a trend that would be difficult to control. Doctors like Dr. Harris, have said that the medical community and parents should stop treating colds, and mild diarrhea with antibiotics. This fuels the spread of antibiotic resistance in the community. Travelers are also responsible for carrying superbugs if some reports are to be believed. 

However, the incidents may not be that worrying at least immediately. The late admissions may have contributed to the severity of the disease, eventually leading to death. Advanced illness detection stages may have contributed to the research findings.

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