Angna Drama Cast, Here Is The Cast, Real Names, Images, Trailer, And More

Angna drama

Binge watching series and dramas were the best part of our busy day. The stories can be so captivating that you’ll stay up together for hours just knowing what happens next. One of the dramas that is trending is Angna. Angna is a Pakistani drama that is trending on the internet mostly for its story and cast. The plot and the cast enhanced the whole drama. One of the main reasons drama is trending is the cast. All of the leading and supporting actors from the play are ideally suited to their roles. Want to know more about the entire cast? Read on to learn more about Angna Cast.

Angna drama cast

See the table below to learn more about the cast of drama Angna

cast names character names
Azfar Rehman Taimoor
Ali Abbas zain
Rabab Hashim eshal
Areeba Habib Abeeha
Laiba Khan Nayyab
Kanwal Khan Aiza
hina Atiqa Odho
Azhar Javed Sheikh
Amar Asim Mehmod
Raza Sayyad Pal
Moosa Daniel Afsal
TBA Mohsin Gillani
TBA Rabia Noren
father Gul-e-Rana
TBA Ismail Tara
sania Rubina Ashraf
Nida Aisha Rajpoot
Aila Fatima Sohail

Pictures of the main actors of Angna Drama

1. Azfar Rehman

Image Source – Twitter

2. Ali Abbas

Image Source – Top New Urdu

3. Rabab Hashim

Image Source – Twitter

4. Areeba Habib

Image Source – Twitter

5. Laiba Khan


Image Source – Showbiz Pakistan

Angna drama plot

This is a family drama that is expected to make it to the top as one of the most viewed dramas. Since most Pakistani dramas are all related to family dramas, this one will surely be different. Angna is a story about the Azfar Baig family. He has four daughters. All are young, beautiful and ready to marry. They will marry into four different families that are different from them. How they cope with their new family is the focus of the story.

Language of Angna drama

The language of Angnas is Urdu. There is a lot of drama in this language, but what makes this Angna special is the plot and the cast. As already mentioned, the cast is very important. Angna has a phenomenal cast that forms the backbone of the drama. We definitely can’t overlook the main actors who gave an exemplary performance in Angna

Angna Drama Where to see

Angna is very popular for its cast and storyline. So if you look at the cast, you might be intrigued to see the drama. I’m right? The next question that comes to your mind now is where to see Angna. There are many platforms with thousands of series and movies but you may not know where to watch Angna. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Angna is now available on ARY Digital. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy watching Angna only on ARY Digital.

Angna drama trailer

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