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An Interesting look In To Bernice Burgos Life-Bernice Burgos Net Worth,Bio Career, Relationships,Age

Age doesn’t stop Bernice Burgos. Being a grandmother, Bernice appears to be very young.

Bernice will turn 42 years of age in April. She is a beautiful model who began her career at a very basic point.

An Interesting look In To Bernice Burgos Life

As the most inspiring example of woman’s rights, she earned global recognition as a model, entrepreneur and actress.

bernice burgos

The next sections will look into how she became Bernice Burgos! So, without further delay let’s get started!

Bernice Burgos Bio

The famous actress and model Bernice Burgos, born 17 March 1980 located in The Bronx, New York, U.S.A.

She is 41 years old in February 20, 2022. There isn’t much info about her family or educational background. But, she’s always had the desire to become model since childhood

She has worked hard to be a well-known model in the fashion industry. She is a proud owner of her American nationality , but is of Puerto Rican descent.

Bernice Burgos Career

Bernice began the modeling profession after having to struggle with a lot of issues in her life.

In the beginning, she worked various jobs such as bartending and waitressing in various Bronx clubs.

Later, she entered the fashion industry, but she was not able to get the attention she deserved in the beginning.

Gradually, her dedication to work and curvaceous body was noticed by models.

She had the chance to be part of numerous magazines. She was also included in a variety of videos featuring the pop stars like Drake, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, etc.

Her name was noticed by the world by appearing on the cover of several magazines, including “King Magazine”, “XXL Eye Candy” as well as “Black Men’s magazine”.

Then she began her sleep brand of clothing “Bold and Beautiful” along alongside her child.

Bernice Burgos Relationship And Daughters

Bernice Burgos is linked to numerous rumors concerning her relationship with T.I. The reports draw the media’s attention, claiming that Bernice is the one to blame for the relationship between American hip hop artist T. I and his wife.

The rumors then shift towards Meek Mill, the hip rapper from Philadelphia. According to reports, they’ve been dating since the year 2018.

However, Bernice Burgos Is Not Making Any Official Statements About Their Relationship.

Although she has had numerous relationships, she’s yet to be married. But, Bernice has two daughters who are named Ashley Burgos and Amarie Burgos.

She proudly claimed to be the sole mom of the girls. At the age of 15that Bernice had her very first baby.

Her daughter was pregnant at 21. She was a great support for her children and lives happily with her daughters.

Bernice Burgos Social Media

The well-known models Bernice Burgos is extremely engaged on the social networks, specifically on Instagram.

There are more than 6.7 million people follow her on Instagram. There are 95.9K people following her on Twitter, and 10.9K people following her on TikTok.

She often posts a lot of her photos of herself modeling on the social networks she has on.

Bernice Burgos Nationality

Bernice Burgos’ birthplace and her hometown is The Bronx, New York City. Born in New York, she is an American.

She is of Puerto Rican descent and she is the proud owner of her American citizenship until today.

Bernice Burgos Age

Bernice Burgos, born April 17, 1980 located in New York, USA. She’s 41 on the 17th of April, February 2022.

Bernice has her birthday celebration every year, and her crowd is waiting for her birthday celebration this year.

Bernice Burgos Height And Weight

Bernice Burgos has 5′ 5″ and weighs 54 kilograms. She has an hourglass-shaped body with a lot of tattoos. Eyes are black , and she also has black hair.

Bernice Burgos Net Worth And Lifestyle

As per the latest data the total worth of Bernice is estimated at around 2 million dollars US and the primary source of her earnings can be attributed to her career as a model.

According to numerous sources, her salary per year is around $500,000. She has worked with a variety of musicians and was featured in numerous music videos.

Her sleepwear business called “Bold and beautiful” is also proof of her value.

After a change in her lifestyle, Bernice Burgos led a lavish life in her home and owns a variety of branded automobiles, Mercedes G Wagon, Range Rover Sports, and Bentley Continental GT.

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