Amazon’s The Rings Of Power Reveals Its Take On Lord Of The Rings’ Most Abundant Monster

Traditionally, Orcs are seen as little more than cannon fodder in Tolkien’s works. Yes, they do get dialogue and personality on occasion, but on the whole they’re pretty one-dimensional. They are vicious, afraid of their own masters, and come in droves. At least that’s how JRR Tolkien’s Orcs were portrayed in the past. However, according to crew members Jamie Wilson and Lindsay Weber, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is determined to shed a fuller light on this hideous but fascinating culture of Middle-earth.

Weber told IGN that she loves orcs and creature design. She added that showrunners Patrick McKay and JD Payne have an equally strong love for them. “They love practical prosthetics and design,” shared the executive producer, “and felt they needed to be explored since this is the Second Age and thousands of years before the events of the Third Age.”

The premise for Orcs at this point in the Middle-earth timeline is that they were all but wiped out just before the era the show is set in. The orcs are also depicted as scattered and marauding rather than organizing into the dominant force Sauron later deploys.

Wilson emphasized, “Everyone was like, ‘Yay, they’ve been wiped out of Middle-earth.’ But in reality they have returned to the darkness in small groups, hiding and living in tunnels and under Middle-earth, so to speak.” In The Rings of Power, these antagonists submerge under a “so-called new leader who will lead them forward.” revived — a possibly veiled reference to Joseph Mawles’ character, who is rumored to play a corrupt elf named Adar and serve as season one’s main antagonist (via Twitter).

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