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All You Need About LaTisha Scott Personal Life, Parents, Place, Career, Age, Bio, Husband, Net Worth In 2022

LaTisha was an American TV actress and the CEO in Infinity Properties, a real development firm for real estate. 

Her fame was boosted by her role in the American reality series “Love and Marriage Hurtsville”. LaTisha Scott was featured in an issue in Sheen magazine in January 2019.

The well-known actress as well as real estate advisor and property manager LaTisha Scott, was born the 1st of October, 1981, in the United States of America. 

All You Need To Know About LaTisha Scott

Her mother is named Ms. Wada and LaTisha Scott is married to Marsau Scott who is a general contractor for commercial projects and a participant on Oprah’s Love and marriage Huntsville reality show.

Some Quick Setails About LaTisha Scott

Full Name : LaTisha Scott

Birth date Date of birth: 1st October, 1981

Age: 40

Birthplace: Huntsville, Alabama

Gender is Female

Husband: Marsau Scott

Nationality: United States of America

Profession Real estate, reality TV star

LaTisha Scott Net and career worth

LaTisha Scott was born and raised in Alabama and she has earned her bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Alabama A&M University. LaTisha is also pursuing a master’s degree in real development of real estate in 2021 from Auburn University in 2021. Before launching her real estate firm she worked for various financial firms and industries as an agent for real estate developers and is focusing on areas such as budgeting, business consultancy and financial planning.

LaTisha Scott founded Infinity Properties LLC, her real estate business, Infinity Properties LLC in 2019 . The company has an estimated income of around $8million. Aside from being a businesswoman, LaTisha is a reality show host and is currently filming for Season 4 of reality series “Love and Marriage Huntsville”. She also is the owner of Blaque Cigar Lounge, which is the major source of her net worth.

LaTisha Scott Personal Life

The actress. Wada is Latisha’s mother and any details about her siblings or father are not accessible on the internet. 

She is engaged to Marsau Scott who is a general contractor for commercial projects and a participant on the reality TV show of Oprah called “Love and Married” for over 12 years. They have three children: Marsau Jr., Mila and Maci.

LaTisha along with her husband, were profiled by Essence Magazine in January 2019. However, initially Marsau was not a fan of his wife working outside of the home. Then, his views changed.

LaTisha often writes on her Instagram handle that “Marriage isn’t a burden however it’s a job and you need to put in the effort to make it work, for the sake of it. It’s hilarious that so many people who see the #lamh show believe that it’s only cheating that can ruin marriages. It’s not true that cheating is a crime and should not be considered acceptable. It is important to keep in mind that you are two individuals with different experiences working together as one team. It’s a difficult task since you must change your thinking and approach and join as a unit even as you develop. It’s not easy to change and leave who you thought you were to become the wife you want to become for the man you love as well as the person you have promised yourself. Marriage is a commitment, it’s sacrificing and is one of the best choices you can make if you are willing to do it and you want it to work”. 

LaTisha also shared a photo alongside her husband.

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