Actors Who Hit Movie Studios With Major Lawsuits

After “Black Widow” star Scarlett Johansson slammed Disney with allegations of short-sightedness about profits, action star Gerard Butler filed his own lawsuit against Nu Image and Millennium Media. Butler’s lawsuit, filed just a day after Johansson’s, flew under the radar but was no less explosive in its allegations. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Butler and his attorneys alleged that the studio hid profits and underreported the money he made from his 2013 action vehicle Olympus Has Fallen.

The blockbuster, directed by Antoine Fuqua (“The Magnificent Seven”), grossed $172 million worldwide, according to industry tracking website The Numbers. It spawned a trilogy of films starring Butler, with the third film, Angel Has Fallen, landing in 2019. The 2013 original, Butler claimed, had actually made $17.5 million more than the studio told him it found out after an auditor had audited the books. He even found $8 million in unreported bonuses being paid to studio executives, and nearly a decade later he was demanding $10 million in compensation.

“Producers have made tens of millions of dollars from ‘Olympus’ but are refusing to pay Butler a penny of the revenue and profits promised to him in the parties’ agreement,” the lawsuit reads. “Butler worked with the defendants to create a hugely successful film franchise. He demands his fair share.”

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