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About Twitch Streamer, Felix Lengyel (xQc): Personal life And Career Stats; Girlfriend; Height; Weight; Family

Many Twitch viewers know Felix Lengyel as xQc, or just xQcOW. xQc was one of the most popular Twitch streamers ever, averaging more than eight hours a day.

Personal life And Career Stats; Girlfriend; Height; Weight; Family; Controversies

Streaming, online gaming, and a slew of issues have made the online gamer a household name.


To learn more about xQc, including his personal and professional life, controversies, and more, peruse the following paragraphs.

Early life Of xQc

Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, was born on November 12, 1995, making him 27 years old. xQc and his brother Nicolas Lengyel were reared by their mother in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

xQc graduated from a Laval public school with a primary diploma and then enrolled in a humanities CEGEP.

xQc dropped out of CEGEP just a few months before his graduation after three and a half years of schooling.

He became a broadcaster and online gamer after dropping out of college and starting to stream on Twitch. xQc is a Canadian citizen because he was born in Canada. White and Scorpio are xQc’s ethnicity and zodiac sign.

xQc’s Career In Gaming

Shortly after dropping out of college, xQc got his start in online gaming by playing League of Legends. xQc, however, began his professional career as an Overwatch player for DatZit Gaming.

In Canada, Datzit Gaming is a semi-professional gaming group. xQc and his squad won the Dreamhack Montreal overwatch competition in 2016. To put it another way, this was xQc’s first major accomplishment.

xQc went on to play for Deniel eSports after leaving Datzit gaming, although the team was later disbanded. Deniel eSports disbanded and xQc and a few members formed YIKES, a new squad. Arc 6 was formerly known as YIKES.

xQc’s gaming career took a major step forward with the release of Arc 6. This year, Arc competed in a number of different competitions, including Overwatch Contending and the Beat Invitation Series 2. Arc 6 finished third in the Beat Invitation competition. After that, Arc 6 was dissolved, and xQc joined Dallas Fuel as a solo artist.

When xQc stated in 2017 that he had joined Dallas Fuel, gamers learned that Arc 6 had disbanded. As the Dallas Fuel’s 9th player, xQc was able to participate in a few games with the club.

xQc was instrumental in Dallas Fuel’s victory over Los Angeles. xQc left the Dallas Fuel team after a few months because he stated that he was taking a vacation from gaming and focusing more on streaming.

After a brief hiatus, he’s back in the gaming fray as a member of team GOATS. xQc joined the Gladiators Legion in 2019 as a replacement tank. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, xQc was a member of the Canadian Overwatch national team.

The XQc Career In live Streaming

He began streaming alongside his gaming profession, but after the suspension of the Legion Contenders season in 2020, he made it his sole focus.

For his streams, xQc averages 9 hours a day and has a viewership record of 60,000. Many well-known esports companies, such as Sentinels, Luminosity Gaming, and the Los Angeles Gladiators, signed him to stream on Twitch.

xQc is YouTube’s most subscribed channel as of 2022. There is also xQc’s YouTube account, with 1.99 million subscribers, in addition to his Twitch channel.

Issues With XQc, Including A Recent Suspension

Many of xQc’s platforms barred him from performing due to his involvement in numerous scandals throughout the course of his career. xQc Blizzard’s account was banned twice. xQc’s abuse of the reporting system resulted in a first-ever ban of 72 hours.

As a result, xQc’s player account was suspended by Blizzard for tampering with a competitive game. As a result of his infraction of the game’s Abusive Chat Policy, his Overwatch account was also suspended.

League of Legends later suspended him for “very provocative and disrespectful” conduct. xQc was also suspended and banned from the Overwatch League for his homophobic and racial comments.

Adult and pornographic content were two of the reasons why xQc was suspended from Twitch three times.

xQc’s love Interest

It was a few months before they broke up that xQc and Adept had a romance. After a few weeks of living together, xQc and Adept announced their breakup.

Fans were devastated to learn about xQc and Adept’s split, as the two were a popular couple among them.

It has been speculated that xQc and Adept had rekindled their romance after hearing him speak to a woman in one of his stream recordings, leading others to believe it was Adept.

xQc’s Worth In Money

xQc is expected to be worth somewhere between $3 and $5 million by the year 2022. Twitch and YouTube are the key sources of his revenue.

XQc’s Body Is Characterised By

In terms of height and weight, xQc measures 6 feet 2 inches and is 130 pounds. He’s a tall, dark-haired young man named xQc.


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