Abhalachi Maya Marathi Serial Cast, Who Are The Cast In The Abhalachi Maya Marathi Serial?

Abhalachi Maya Marathi series

Abhalachi Maya is a Marathi television series directed by Rasam Pushkar Balkrishna and produced under the circumstances by Somil Creations. The concept of this series is the relationship between brother and sister as they lost their parents when both were young and grew up with their grandmother. The main actors of the Abhalachi Maya Marathi series are Ashok Phal Dessai and Dakshata Joil.

Abhalachi Maya Marathi Series Cast

Ashok Phal Dessai jaydev
Dakshata Joil Ambika
Pushkar Sarad N / A
Rohit Haldikar N / A
Apoorva Sapkal N / A
Swapnil Rajshekhar N / A
Sanjay Mohite N / A
Pramod Pujari N / A
Sumant Shinde N / A
Ketaki Patil N / A

Main cast of Abhalachi Maya Marathi Serial

Ashok Phal Dessai

Ashok is an Indian television and film actress. He is best known for playing Shiva Lashkar in a Marathi series called Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa, starring Vidula Chougule. He entered the entertainment industry in 2019 and starred in a series called Mehndi Hai Rachne in 2021.

Dakshata Joil

Dakshata is an Indian TV actress and model and currently she plays the female lead in Abhalachi Maya series.

Summary of Abhalachi Maya Marathi Serial

Jaydev and Ambika, siblings who lost their parents when they were young, will do anything for each other. The story of this series will depict the love and care for each other and how they will maintain that bond after their marriage. While there they lost their parents and grew up with their grandmother and shared a strong bond between them and how they will face their turns after marriage.

Information about Abhalachi Maya Marathi Serial

series name Abhalachi Maya
director Rasam Pushkar Balkrishna
producer Sunil Bhosle
genre theatre
country of origin India
language Marathi
release date October 17, 2021
network Sun Marathi
running time 30 minutes

Abhalachi Maya Marathi Series Trailer

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