A Whisker Away director Tomotaka Shibayama to direct a new 2024 Netflix anime movie

Studio Colorido compiled anime feature films
Several Studio Colorido feature films are slated for release on Netflix in 2022. Photo credit: Netflix/Twitter

A Whisker Away director Tomotaka Shibayama is set to direct a new anime feature film for Netflix, slated for release in 2024. Additionally, Studio Colorido announced that it will be collaborating with Netflix to produce three new anime feature films.

This includes Drifting Home, which will be available worldwide on September 16, 2022.

This is the first time Netflix has collaborated on a full-length animation production with a Japanese domestic animation company over a period of several years.

Netflix has tried to increase the amount of anime available on its website.

In Japan, about 90% of people watch anime, and half of Netflix customers have watched anime in the past year. Other streaming sites like Amazon and Disney are starting to add more anime to their offerings.

The number of Netflix subscribers in Asia-Pacific has declined in recent months, with the region losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade.

The official announcement of the anime feature films

The new Studio Colorido movies are available exclusively on Netflix

Koji Yamamoto, President of Studio Colorido, explains:

“Our goal is to make a film that is uniquely Colorido. We have worked hard and moved towards this goal in our own way. Until now, Japanese films often failed to go global, but now it is possible to send them out into the world in the form of Netflix films. Netflix connects Japanese films to users around the world.”

Koji Yamamoto

The new play is part of Netflix’s recently created Anime Creators’ Base to help creators develop conceptual imagery.

Tomotaka Shibayama’s 2024 feature film

A Whisker Away, directed by Tomotaka Shibayama, is the studio’s third feature film.

This new anime feature film is scheduled for release in 2024. The plot of the third film has remained a mystery so far.

Shibayama commented,

“The new work I’m planning right now is a story about a little mysterious love story that takes place in a winter. I want to deliver a work that will be a pick-up song for boys and girls, carefully depicting the extraordinary things that are suddenly appearing in their daily lives and the characters’ emotional growth. We hope you will enjoy it.”

Tomotaka Shibayama

Visuals released for Shibayama's 2024 feature film
Released visuals for the 2024 feature film directed by Tomotaka Shibayama. Credit: Netflix/Twitter

A Whisker Away by Tomotaka Shibayama

In this film directed by Junichi Satoh and Tomotaka Shibayama, Miyo (Mirai Shida) turns into a cat when she wants to be near Hinode (Natsuki Hanae). However, he is a boy who does not share her level of adoration.

By donning a cat mask that turns her into a white kitten with glacial blue eyes, she can still get close to Hinode and watch him make pottery with his grandfather.

Also, Hinode names the cat after his beloved former pet Taro, believing it to be a friendly stray. One of many gestures that make Miyo secretly faint.

When a clean dream with serene scenery and lovable animals gets a little wild. It’s more fun indeed, and thankfully, A Whisker Away includes some out-of-the-box concepts to keep the story awesome as it progresses.

As if the film were creating its furry cosplay mythology, there are laws, secret passages and more. A Whisker Away has many lessons – or, depending on the audience, memories – to impart in all of its equally whimsical and romantic atmosphere.

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