777 Positive Affirmations Reviews – A Real Manifestation Ebook To Build Your Dreams?

In as little as 30 days, 777 Positive Affirmations can help to reprogramme your subconscious mind for manifesting the life of your dreams. Stress, mental or physical health problems, financial problems, relationship issues, creative blocks, etc. are some of the many problems that can be solved with 777 Positive Affirmations.

777 Positive Affirmations Reviews – Rebuild Subconscious Mind To Manifest Your Dreams!

Read 777 Positive Affirmations Reviews to learn more about the impact of your subconscious mind and the various psychological ways you can rewire your behavior and your thought processes.

777 Positive Affirmations Reviews

777 Positive Affirmations – Overview

777 Positive Affirmations is a collection of psychological affirmations (or mantras) which are repeated over and over to develop constructive changes in yourself and your life. 

When you say, think, or even hear these affirmations, they transform into thoughts that can shape your perceptions and your reality.

These affirmations can make you feel optimistic, empowered, thrilled, and motivated to manifest the life you desire while suppressing and putting an end to self-sabotaging or destructive thoughts and actions.

They are compiled into digital versions of eBooks and Audiobooks, which come in PDF and MP3 formats respectively. They contain 111 affirmations in each of its 7 chapters and are available for instant download.

How Does 777 Positive Affirmations Technique Work?

777 Positive Affirmations depend on several psychological functions that govern the conscious and subconscious mind to trigger changes within yourself.

The subconscious mind is built to reinforce and regulate your life through what is known in psychology as ‘confirmation bias. It is the tendency of the brain to search for, interpret, and recall information and memories in a way that confirms or supports that person’s prior beliefs or values.

These affirmations when repeated over and over will manifest themselves as thoughts and beliefs of the listener. 

Regularly saying, thinking, or listening to these affirmations can help to change the behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and even the environment. 

You can read, or listen to these affirmations during your meditation or while you are asleep.

Affirmations have been found to improve some severe cases of depression and anxiety as well, along with boosting your confidence and motivation.

777 Positive Affirmations

What are the benefits of using 777 Positive Affirmations eBook?

These affirmations have unique impacts on their users according to the inner-desires of each individual. But generally, you can expect some of these common benefits from using 777 Positive Affirmations: –

  • Mental clarity and positive thinking: Regularly reading or listening to 777 positive affirmations have been found to erase brain fog and improve your concentration and thought processes. 
  • Positive behavioral changes: These affirmations can help break negative habitual practices such as alcoholism or other addictive behaviors.
  • Relationship issues: They have been found to help in making reflective changes in partners and help channel their feelings more healthily. 
  • Conquer destructive thoughts: Self-sabotaging or destructive thoughts, usually prevalent among those dealing with depression or other related mental health problems, have been found to decrease dramatically after using 777 Positive Affirmations.
  • Manifest your dream life: These affirmations can help prioritize what’s truly important in your life and motivate you to work towards achieving those goals.

Main Pros and Cons of 777 Positive Affirmations eBook


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Positive effects in less than 30 days
  • Simple language 
  • Induces calmness and mental clarity
  • Works well with meditation routines
  • Available as both PDF eBook and as an MP3 audiobook
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Regular and consistent use required for best results
  • Currently available for purchase from their online store only

Does 777 Positive Affirmations Audiobook really work?

777 Positive Affirmations affect people differently based on their unique demands and requirements. However, it needs strict and consistent use to deliver its maximum benefits.

You can expect to notice positive changes in your behavior and your thought processes in as little as 30 days from starting this 777 Positive Affirmations program.

You need to find out the best way of incorporating 777 Positive Affirmations into your daily lives and making a workable routine.

A lot of people claim that listening to the audiobook version during meditation or during their sleep has helped them considerably better. 

Some others prefer reading their eBook version in the morning and before going to sleep, or during work hours for better concentration and clarity.

Is 777 Positive Affirmations Program Legit?

777 Positive Affirmations is based on working principles and concepts of modern psychology.

Confirmation bias is one of the most prevalent psychological concepts used here for altering the perception and reality of the user, and in essence, reprogramming their brain to influence positive changes.

The ‘Self-affirmation theory’ by Claude Steele (1988), is what laid the groundwork for many working affirmation practices that are widely used today.

The re-programming of the subconscious state of mind has been found to produce changes in the conscious reality of the person and lead to a better quality of life and overall happiness.

777 Positive Affirmations is a psychological therapy program that can provide a host of benefits to your mental wellbeing and your life.

777 Positive Affirmations Customer Reviews and Complaints

“I have been using 777 Positive Affirmations for about 3 weeks now and my creativity and motivation for pursuing my art career has been amazing. I’m preparing my first art exhibit next month and I feel confident about my future ahead. I can’t believe I have been shutting out my dreams for so long”

– Mary G.S, California.

“I’m an ardent user of 777 Positive Affirmations and I can swear that my restlessness and temper have calmed down immensely during the past 2 months. I feel renewed and relaxed. My wife is really happy and I believe this program is partly responsible for saving my marriage!”

– Stuart K. Lahm, Texas.

“777 Positive Affirmations were gifted to me by my brother in England. I thought this was some spiritual time waster but golly! This is amazing. It’s a psychological technique that has helped me concentrate on my work and business has picked up well nowadays and I feel powerful and very optimistic about my future”

– Connor M., New York.

Most other 777 Positive Affirmations reviews we found were similarly positive. 

If you are using or planning to use this program, please let us know how your experience with this program has been. We’ll be happy to include it in our 777 Positive Affirmations review.

The only serious complaints we came across were that of problems with the download, which was a temporary server issue and it has been resolved and fully functional now.  

777 Positive Affirmations Pricing and Availability

777 Positive Affirmations come in 3 different purchase options that include:

  • The eBook version available in PDF formats – $27
  • The Audiobook version available in MP3 – $29
  • The eBook & Audiobook bundle (discounted) – $47

If you plan on reading them mostly, then the eBook version allows easy access with your smartphone, tablets, or computers.

For pairing with your meditation and listening during your sleep, the Audiobook version is great.

But if you require a more versatile use then it’s best to go for the eBook and Audiobook bundle that comes at a discounted rate from $56 to just $47 as of now.

777 Positive Affirmations is currently available for online orders only.

You can order your copy of the program from their official online store through the link here.

Final Take – 777 Positive Affirmations Reviews

Affirmations are a safe and powerful way of impacting positive changes in your life.

They produce strong and lasting results that have helped thousands of people prioritize their life goals and achieve their dreams.

They have helped to overcome bad habits and suppress destructive and harmful thoughts from depression and anxiety.

If you are struggling in your day-to-day life, lacking self-confidence and motivation, then we highly recommend you give this program ‘777 Positive Affirmations’ a try.

As per the 777 Positive Affirmations Reviews by customers, It has helped a lot of people gain control over their life and impact positive changes.

Although it still doesn’t guarantee 100% results, they do provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Just make sure that you follow a strict and consistent use for at least one month to expect the best results from this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

My download is not starting, Download failed?

If you are having issues with your download, you can try reloading the page a few times. If that doesn’t work you can contact the customer care number provided in your purchase invoice to request a new download page.

How can I ensure positive results from this program?

Just like most other affirmations, the subconscious mind needs recurrent reinforcement to instill changes. So daily listening or reading 777 Positive affirmations is the best way for ensuring results.

Are 777 Positive Affirmations available in bookstores nearby?

No, currently, 777 Positive Affirmations is only available for online orders through their official store.

Can I use them during my Yoga sessions?

Absolutely, the audiobook version can be used during your yoga and meditation sessions. Make sure that the words are sufficiently loud and clear and try to re-create them in your mind as you listen to them.

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