30 Million Additional Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Shipped To The U.S. – Moderna Officials Confirm.

We are well aware of  the situation around the US, especially in the California , where the viral disease has been wide spreading uncontrollably. Its hard for the public to carry on with their daily tasks, when they know that the vaccines are limited and are administered to people by prioritizing their age and health conditions. The cases have been fluctuating since the death toll hit an all time record high in mid of january. This was  happening  through unrestricted gatherings that were common and people were travelling around to enjoy their vacation.

30 Million Additional Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Shipped To The U.S. – Moderna Officials Confirm.

People have been hoping that  the  U.S. president Joe Biden will be different from Donald Trump and his incapability to handle the spread. Many people had lost their lives in the United states and the public blamed Trump for all the irregularities happened. Since  Biden was voted as the President, his mission was to make available 100 million doses  of vaccines in 100 days. So far, he has been hailed for increasing the vaccination spots so that people in the rural areas could also access to the vaccination centers and stay safe.  The right amount of vaccines have been regularly received by the Us government and things have been going  in  the right flow.

30 Million Additional Doses Of COVID19 Vaccine  Will Be Shipped To The U.S Moderna Officials Confirm

The Moderna group, COVID19 vaccine manufacturer have already delivered around 45 million doses of  vaccine with around only 25 million administered, confirmed by the data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An additional doses of the vaccine will be delivered to the U.S government for distributing it among vaccination spots. Now that the Moderna has to deliver more quantities of doses to the US government, they have to  fill each vial with more vaccines. This might delay but won’t have an impact on the targets to be delivered every month.

Having a contract with the federal government, Moderna is expected to  finish delivering 100 million doses of the vaccines by the end of March. An additional 100 million doses will be delivered again towards the end of May 2021 and the third set of 100 million doses by July end.

Moderna  does not try to ship all the quantities at once for a smoother shipment. They only ship the required quantities  to the US government when needed. The company has been in  close contact with the government official and provides transparency on the delivery of  the vaccines. This timely execution of the delivery has been very supportive for the US government. They also reported earlier when there is any delay in delivery. This aided the U.S. government’s efforts to deploy vaccines to all the vaccination spots  throughout the country.

President Biden is on a mission to help  reach all those people who were not getting the right help and proper attention during the pandemic times. So rural areas will be monitored well and there would be vaccination spots that could be easily reachable within 30 to 60 minutes. Biden  shared in his tweet that he has a target to accomplish by crossing the 100 million mark of vaccinating infected americans in the U.S. This will be  done in the first 100 days of his presidency.

Lets hope Moderna and The US government help every single person living in the United States and contain and restrict the virus from taking lives.

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