10 Surprising Ways Princess Diana Changed The Royal Family Of The United Kingdom

Diana, Princess of Wales, was and remains the most popular member of the British royal family. Unlike the rest of the royal family, Diana was unafraid to defy tradition and enact significant alterations to the royal family’s status quo.

Princess Diana Changed The Royal Family Of The United Kingdom

In some ways, Diana’s influence on the royal family can still be seen in the lyrics of her songs and in the wives of the current monarchs.


There have been several innovative changes made by Princess Diana since she has been a member of the British Royal Family.

Refused To Use The Word “Obey” In Her Vows, Which She Wrote Herself.

In July 1981, Princess Diana married Prince Charles and she penned the vows herself. She refused to state “will obey” in her vows to her new spouse, which was an unusual omission. In their wedding vows, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, like Diana, refused to promise to obey their husbands.

In A Hospital, Gave Birth To My Son

Giving birth in a hospital was one of the most shocking and revolutionary changes Diana made to the royal family as a whole.

In defiance of royal custom, Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William in a London hospital on June 21, 1982, rather than the palace.

Kate and Meghan, Diana’s daughters-in-law, followed in Diana’s footsteps and gave birth to their children in hospital.

Diana Made Sure That Her Children Were Educated In A Respectable Setting.

Prince William and Prince Harry, the children of Princess Diana, became the first royals to attend a public school. Insistence on a proper education for Diana’s children was her own.

Before William and Harry, the royal children were taught at home by a governess who worked in the palace. Everyone, even the princes, had to go to school with everyone else.

Diana’s grandson Prince William and his wife Kate decided to send their children to private schools, and now Prince George and Princess Charlotte are following suit.

On The Same Plane As Each Other

By flying with both Prince William and Prince Harry, Diana defied a convention prohibiting future royal heirs from travelling together aboard a plane, putting the line of succession at risk.

In 1984, she asked that Prince Harry, who was 9 months old at the time, be allowed to join his brother Prince William on a tour to Australia with their parents.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the first to take this step forward in the royal family.

She Spent Time With Her Children At Public Parks And Swimming Pools.

Any delight a youngster needs to experience as an individual is not denied to Princess Diana’s children. She took her two children to public parks and swimming pools, just like any other mother would.

As well as taking them to a slew of fun locations, she also engaged in active play with kids in neighbourhood swimming pools and parks.


Diana, being the humble person she is, had a special bond with her workers and helped to break down the barriers that had previously existed between them and members of the royal family She had a strong bond with her chauffeur and butler.

Princes William and Harry were observed roaming through the royal kitchens as a result of their mother’s encouragement of closeness with the servants.

She has also encouraged her children to make friends with the royal staff’s youngsters and has offered them the opportunity to assist in the kitchen if they so desire.

Her Children’s Public Displays Of Affection

Princess Diana was never afraid to express her love and devotion to her children, whether it was in private or in public. Public displays of affection have traditionally been highly formal for members of the royal family.

As far as showing love, they did it by hugging and kissing their kids close to their hearts. As a royal member, Diana is expected to conduct herself in an appropriate manner. However, Diana was frequently seen caressing and embracing her children in public.

He Was Always Mingling With The General Populace.

In contrast to other members of the royal family, Princess Diana was always out in the open with the public, sitting with them, holding their hands, and listening to their experiences.

Even though HIV and AIDS were still widely considered taboo, Princess Diana showed her support for the people living with the disease by grasping their hands and giving them hugs. In addition to spending time with the children, Diana was also spotted having fun with them.

Boldly Rearranged The Fashion Landscape.

Not only did Princess Diana alter the royal family’s personal and public customs, but she also altered the royal family’s fashion sense. Certain attire for members of the British royal family was outlawed.

It was against the rules to wear an off-shoulder top or dress, yet Princess Diana had done just that to numerous formal occasions.

Kate Middleton and Megha Markle, like her mother-in-law, have been spotted wearing off-the-shoulder dresses on numerous occasions. At a number of public appearances, Princess Diana donned low-cut outfits.

Asked Questions Concerning Mental Health

Mental health issues, for example, were also broached by Diana. When Martin Bashir interviewed her, she opened out about her battles with anorexia and bulimia.

Because of Diana’s bravery in discussing her mental health concerns, both of her daughters-in-law, Kate and Meghan, have opened out about their own struggles.

As a result of Prince Harry and William’s personal experiences with mental illness following the death of their mother, the two of them founded the mental health advocacy group Heads Together.

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