WATCH: Texas Group Using Pig’s Blood and Bacon Grease In Case They Have To Shoot Muslims (VIDEO)

If you’re like me, you have a silver bullet, a garlic necklace and a glass of holy water with you at all times—because you never know when a mythical creature will spring into reality or whether the similarly mythical methods of fending them off and/or killing them will turn out to be correct.

Well, I guess it’s time to add pig’s blood and bacon grease to the arsenal…if you’re the kind of person who is terrified of Muslims and who actually believes that coating or filling your bullets with these substances endows them with supernatural abilities such that, according to the totally reliable source in this video “when you shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell.”

The origin of this belief appears to be tied to a completely false legend which claims that during World War I General John J. Pershing executed 49 Muslims in the Phillipines with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. As Donald Trump retold the story recently, General Pershing left one Muslim alive to spread the word of what had happened, “And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn’t a problem.”

If this story were true and if Muslim terrorists were actually afraid of pig’s blood or bacon grease, there might be something to be said for fighting nonsense with nonsense and for using that irrational fear as a deterrent to save innocent lives. Notice, though, that the esteemed gentlemen in this video don’t appear to be interested in the alleged prophylactic benefits of this tactic. No, they’re just super into the idea of sending Muslims “straight to hell.” They’re actually buying into the belief of the enemy they think they’re fighting, simultaneously mocking that belief and seeking to capitalize on it.

Also, did you notice that they contrast Muslims not with Christians, but with “white people?” “Don’t fuck with white people,” one says. “We’re not going to take these threats…by domestic terrorists…who threaten to kill white people, white babies and cops.” Last I checked, Muslim extremists were interested in killing non-Muslims of any color, age and profession. Then again, I’m not playing pretend war games in my backyard with imagined enemies, so what do I know?

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