Watch Ted Cruz Get Demolished By A Disabled Man’s Family Over His ‘Repeal Obamacare’ Plan (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz, in what may be his last and most desperate attempt to keep Donald Trump from all but securing the GOP nomination within the next few days, is making stops all across Indiana, and talking to people of all stripes and all walks of life. Unfortunately (for him), it seems these stops don’t always include a little something called empathy, which is a necessary thing for a leader to have.

At a restaurant stop in Evansville, he spoke with individual people, including one severely disabled man and his family. The disabled man, named Scott, is in a wheelchair, with his family to help him out. You can see Scott reaching for Cruz while Cruz talks about repealing every word of the Affordable Care Act, while his family tries explaining that Scott would not be able to get health insurance at all with his disabilities if it weren’t for the ACA.

According to Mediaite, the conversation went like this:

Cruz replies, ‘There’s no doubt that we need to provide care…’

‘But it was never done before,’ the man replies. ‘It was never done. Nobody did it.’

‘I can tell you millions have lost their health care at the same time,’ Cruz responds.

The man then points to Scott and says, ‘Well, but it made a difference to some.’

Watch the exchange below, and note the nearly incredulous look on Cruz’s face:

Ted Cruz Argues With Disabled Man’s Family… by DailyPolitics

The ACA has actually made a difference to a lot of people, including Republicans. One staunch Republican, who has an autoimmune disease and couldn’t get treatments for it because he couldn’t get health insurance, actually wrote a letter to President Obama thanking him for the gift of the ACA, because now he can afford the treatments he needs for his condition. He even introduced Obama at an event in Wisconsin and hugged him!

A die-hard Tea Partier is another who’s thankful for the ACA, because it allowed him to get health insurance that covered his problems, which, in turn, allowed him to retire at age 50, instead of having to find a way to keep working until he was 65, when he will qualify for Medicare. He’s angry that the GOP wants to take away his healthcare coverage. Despite voting Republican for more than 30 years, he believes that the Democrats have taken better care of him than the Republicans ever tried to.

These are the stories to which Ted Cruz turns a blind eye, and he was literally just faced with one! He literally just faced one of these situations, and still stands firm in repealing every word of the ACA. Disgusting. Empathy is sorely lacking in a man like Cruz, and in the Republican Party. How do you look at someone like Scott and say, “Well, when I’m elected, I’m going to make sure your healthcare coverage is taken away. Once that’s done, then I’ll find a way to take care of you and people like you.” That is what he might as well say.


Image via screen capture from embedded video

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