Watch Joe ‘You Lie’ Wilson Get Served By Constituents At A Town Hall Meeting (VIDEO)

Although he’s represented South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District since 2001, Joe Wilson was relatively unknown outside his district until his now-infamous “you lie!” outburst that interrupted President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address in 2009.

And eight years later on April 10, Wilson’s constituents let him know they’ll never forget that flare-up.

At a town hall meeting at Aiken Technical College in Graniteville, South Carolina, Wilson spoke of many issues, including domestic violence.

Local prosecution of spousal abuse and other violence against females is adequate, he said, defending his vote to reject renewal of the Violence Against Women Act in 2013. It should remain a “local issue,” Wilson offered.

That’s when the crowd of about 200 interrupted, however, complete with their own “you lie!” responses.

See constituents’ interrupt Wilson in this video:

Wilson disagrees that the video, filmed and published by The Post & Courier of Charleston, South Carolina, is an accurate depiction of Monday’s meeting. According to a statement issued by his spokesperson, Leacy Burke:

“The clip being circulated of Congressman Wilson’s town hall … shows less than a minute of a positive event that lasted nearly two hours where the congressman engaged with his constituents both in a town-hall format and one-on-one after the official program ended.”

Burke’s description is incorrect, however, according to Julie Edwards, a pharmacist from Williston who attended Monday’s town hall meeting. A co-founder of an Indivisible chapter in South Carolina, Edwards says additional outbursts arose when Wilson defended his votes and stances on other progressive issues.

“He had the biggest negative outcries on my question about his nay vote on VAWA in 2013, when he said he supported the AHCA/Trumpcare, and when he said he thinks climate change is real but not mainly driven by humans.”

Wilson also issued false information about his stance on current circumstances in Syria, Edwards notes.

During the town hall, Wilson said “I would have supported the prior president (on Syria) if he had acted, but he didn’t.”

However, Wilson rejected any action in Syria by the Obama Administration, Edwards points out, offering a recent tweet from Guns Down America director Igor Volsky that offers a contrasting quote.

In September 2013, during Obama’s second term, Wilson argued against military intervention in Syria, claiming it would “place American families at greater risk and increase instability(.)”

South Carolina has ranked in the top five states for women killed by men for many years. Approximately 36,000 incidents of domestic violence are reported to police in the state annually, according to the Domestic Abuse Center.

Featured image captured from YouTube video by Post & Courier 

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