Watch How Badly Trump Handles Jeb Bush Owning Him On Foreign Policy (VIDEOS)

Things got very heated during the fifth GOP debate on CNN tonight, after Trump answered a question about his position on killing ISIS’ families. Trump reiterated his absurd point that the 9-11 hijackers had sent their families back to the Middle East before they attacked (absurd because all but one of them had no family), and said that terrorists might not care about their own lives, but they definitely care about their families’ lives.

Jeb went off on him for that:

“This is another example of the lack of seriousness. Look, this is troubling because we’re at war. They’ve declared war on us and we need to have a serious strategy to destroy ISIS. But the idea that that is a solution to this is just crazy. It makes no sense to suggest this.”

Jeb went on to point out that, just two months ago, Trump said that ISIS wasn’t our fight. He also pointed out that Trump said Hillary Clinton would be a great negotiator with Iran back in July, which did happen. In other words, he pointed out that Trump voiced some support for a Democrat. At that point, Trump dissolved into his usual bullying childishness. Watch the video below:

But wait! There’s more. Trump decided to get into it with Jeb again with all of America watching (those who can stomach watching this, anyway). Host Tal Kopan asked Jeb why he was better qualified to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin than Trump. He said, simply, “I know what I don’t know.” He then expanded on that, and discussed strengthening and expanding our military, and he’ll be a commander in chief that leads us to greater security.

Trump replied with how sad he thinks it is that Jeb starts off all his answers with “Trump said this,” and “Trump said that.” He completely devolved into absolutely babyish behavior when Jeb responded, making Trump whine about fairness, and then try and take a shot at Jeb about his poll numbers. To Trump, his poll numbers matter, and he’s on top, and that’s the way it is. Watch this silliness below:

As galling as it is to agree with any Republican on anything, what John Kasich said after that was right. The fighting doesn’t get us anywhere, and all Trump does is spoil for fights. His Twitter feed, if nothing else, is proof of that, but so is his behavior in these debates. He whines about professionalism, but he can’t act professionally to save his life. Jeb owned him. He couldn’t handle it. How’s he going to handle being owned when he’s president? He’ll act just like this.


Image via screen capture from embedded video

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