Watch Cruz Go After Trump With Every Name In The Book In Just 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

It seems the bully doesn't like being bullied.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz doesn’t like the fact that Donald Trump is making fun of him, calling him a liar, and coming up with bizarre conspiracy theories.

Then, in what seemed like a whiny diatribe that would never end, Cruz summed up how he feels about Trump in about 90 seconds. So, instead of making you sit through the entire speech, here’s Cruz calling Trump a “narcissist,” a “pathological liar,” and “amoral.”


And then the icing on the cake was when he said, “We are looking, potentially, at the Biff Tannen presidency.” Obviously this is the common comparison many have made claiming Trump is very reminiscent of the character Biff Tannen from the movie ‘Back to the Future.’

And honestly? He’s not wrong. However, Cruz is just as big of a bully, just in different ways. He’s just now on the defense because the insults are being thrown at him, instead of him throwing them at the LGBT community, or millions of folks who would like to keep their health care.

Cruz is gonna need to get thicker skin than this if he wants to be president. If a few remarks made by Trump are getting to him, and he’s incapable of ignoring them, how in the hell is he gonna put up with the constant scrutiny of being president?

Simple answer? He can’t.

Just add that to the kajillions of reasons Ted Cruz shouldn’t be president.

Featured image via video screen capture

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