Watch Camera-Hungry Trump Push His Way To The Front Of A NATO Photo Op

A meeting attended by Donald Trump in Brussels on May 25 was supposed to pertain to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance between the U.S. and many other nations.

Instead, the event wound up as yet another narcissistic moment for Trump.

When gathering with other national leaders for press to take photos, he pushed his way through the group, even pulling the Prime Minister of Montenegro by the arm to ensure Trump would get front and center position in the pictures.

CNBC’s Steve Kopack caught that moment on video.

Shortly after, Kopack tweeted a mini-clip close-up of the moment, more clearly showing Trump grabbing and pulling Dusko Markovic away.

The meeting with NATO allies went on to include more selfish display from Trump, too. According to the New York Times, Trump repeated complaints against NATO he originally offered in his campaign. At the May 25 meeting, he told U.S. allies they weren’t spending enough on their own defense.

He also refused to endorse Article 5 of the treaty, which calls for members to defend each other if any are attacked by an enemy.

In a March 2016 interview with CNN during his campaign, Trump complained about U.S. involvement in NATO, claiming it was high cost to maintain American troops in other nations.

He said at today’s event:

“Member nations are still not paying what they should be paying. This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.”

However, those other countries pay toward NATO’s budget, too, using a formula of two percent of national Gross Domestic Product as a goal. Simply having a higher GDP than the other nations results in U.S. spending more. The United States is compensated by other nations to cover costs for military presence, too.

In addition, the only time in NATO’s history when Article 5 was used was for the benefit of the United States following 9/11.

The next and final stage of Trump’s overseas visit will be in Italy for a G-7 summit.

Featured image clipped from Steve Kopack’s video via Twitter

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