WATCH: Bernie Takes Out The Trash, Exposes Trump And Paul Ryan For Greedy Tax Bill Lies

When President Trump was elected last November, 2016 primary candidate Bernie Sanders was one of the few liberals who pledged to give The Orange One a chance at his support.

If Trump followed through on helping the middle class, Sanders said, he would be more than happy to cheer on and even vote alongside Trump-friendly Senators.

But Bernie’s assessment of Trump’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” known to liberals as the #TaxScam, is anything but supporting. Sanders excoriated the President and his minions in a fiery interview on CNN on Wednesday.

The tax cuts are “a disaster for the American people,” he said.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed the House of Representatives by a count of 224-201. The more recent vote was the second of its kind after items were removed by the Senate thanks to the Byrd rule.

Sanders said that the bill represents the worst kind of “trickle-down” economics in the form of tax breaks for the super-rich, which “didn’t work under Ronald Reagan” and won’t work now.

See the video clip below:

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