U.S. Allies Make Historic Statement: We Can’t Rely On America Anymore, Parting Ways

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just stated publicly for the second time in a year that Germany can’t rely on the United States anymore and it is parting ways on foreign policy decisions.

Germany is one of the United States key allies.

Mrs. Merkel made her comments shortly after visiting with President Donald Trump at the White House, which further underscores how badly those talks went.

“It’s no longer the case that the United States will simply just protect us,” Merkel said, according to a live broadcast by Deutsche Welle on Periscope. “Let’s face it: Europe is still in its infancy with regard to the common foreign policy,” Merkel said.

During her talks, Mrs. Merkel urged the entire continent to “take destiny into its own hands.” This was seen by foreign policy experts as a major foreign policy failure for Trump’s administration.

She made the statement, in part, due to President Trump’s decision to pull out of the historic pact signed with Iran in 2015, which was also signed by our European allies.

What’s funny about this is that just two weeks ago, Trump stated that his relationship with Germany “was great.” 

Shortly after Merkel took the stage, French President Emmanuel Macron, who also visited with Trump recently, echoed her statement, saying Europe “should not allow other major powers, including allies” to “put themselves in a situation to decide our diplomacy [and] security for us.” This was clearly a shot at President Trump.

Merkel and Macron both tried unsuccessfully to persuade Trump to stay in the Iran Deal but he chose not to listen to them.

Shortly after the speech, Merkel and Macron got together with British Prime Minister Theresa May and released a joint statement saying that they were deciding to remain in the deal with Iran.

“This resolution remains the binding international legal framework for the resolution of the dispute about the Iranian nuclear programme. We urge all sides to remain committed to its full implementation and to act in a spirit of responsibility,” the leaders said in a statement.

Canada’s Foreign Policy Minister Chrystia Freeland made a similar statement last year, saying the Trump administration’s decisions domestically and abroad have forced it to view a future where it relies less and less on the United States.

“The fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course,” she said.

“For Canada, that course must be the renewal, indeed the strengthening, of the postwar multilateral order. We will follow this path, with open hands and open hearts extended to our American friends, seeking to make common cause as we have so often in the past.”

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said the same thing, but albeit in different words.

“To rely solely on the U.S. security umbrella would make us a client state. And although we have an incredibly good relationship with our American friends and neighbours, such a dependence would not be in Canada’s interest,” she said.

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