Trump’s Top Spiritual Advisor Is Selling Eternal Life For Rock Bottom ‘Bargain Price’

Birds of a feather flock together -- and Trump's flock is full of schemers, scam artists, and con men.

As the old saying goes: Birds of a feather flock together. Which is probably why Donald Trump’s camp is full of scam artists, schemers, and conmen. The head cheese is, after all, battling a federal civil suit for swindling thousands of dollars from unsuspecting Americans who only wanted to better themselves at Trump University.

So it’s probably no surprise that Trump’s spiritual advisor, who allegedly led Trump to Christ, is running a scam of her own with a scheme that is straight out of Harry Potter.

Paula White, an evangelical megachurch leader who put together Trump’s evangelical advisory committee, is one questionable character. She claims to be able to give her followers eternal life via “resurrection seeds,” much like the “resurrection stone” from Harry Potter, which is able to bring any person back from the dead.

The price of White’s resurrection seeds is the low, bargain barrel price of $1,144 — the exact price God “told” her to set.

White introduced the seeds to her church, The New Destiny Christian Center, as recently as last Easter Sunday in March, telling her congregation:

“I don’t know what is dead. I don’t know what the enemy sent a death to. I don’t know what decision that caused death to come upon whatever the situation you’re facing, but I do know that God has sent me to you to bring resurrection life. To tell you that I believe that as we put our faith together before Easter Sunday on March 27, there’s gonna be resurrection life in your life.”

White told the congregation she set the price to John 11:44:

“There’s someone that God is speaking to, to click on that donation button by minimizing the screen. And when you do to sow $1,144. It’s not often I ask very specifically but God has instructed me and I want you to hear. This isn’t for everyone but this is for someone. When you sow that $1,144 based on John 11:44 I believe for resurrection life. You say, Paula, I just don’t have that, then sow $144. I don’t have that. Sow $44 but stand on John Chapter 11:44.”

John 11:44 is the story of Lazarus, who Jesus supposedly raised from the dead.

After making the offer to grieving Christians who lost loved ones, she then, in infomercial like fashion, said, “But wait, there’s more!” White told people if they bought the resurrection seeds then they would also receive special prayer cloths that may cause “miracles, signs, and wonders.”

“There have been times that I have taken prayer cloths that have been anointed as a point of contact. I put them in my loved one’s sneakers, I put them under their bed. I put them on parts of my body that I believe God for healing.”

But if these resurrection seeds fail to bring your loved one back from the dead, White says it’s an operator error. Because sometimes people ask for things that aren’t in God’s plan but have no fear because the seeds will resurrect something in the buyers life, it just might not be a loved one. And probably not a wallet.

White is described by Southern Baptist leader and GOP advisor Russell Moore, as being ” a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.”

White subscribes to the “prosperity doctrine” which holds the fundamental belief that God wants people to be rich.

White explains what that means to her in her teachings:

“Do I believe that God is a sugar daddy? Not at all. Find your passion in life and figure out a way to make money.”

Like scamming gullible, grieving people into buying bogus seeds to bring people back from the dead?

In the past, White has been the subject of IRS investigations and a congressional inquiry due to her church’s lavish spending. The inquiry led by Sen. Chuck Grassley found:

“Several former staffers at Paula White’s megachurch in Tampa, Fla., wanted to speak with staffers but ‘were afraid of being sued by the church,’ and at least one was reminded by a church lawyer of a previously signed confidentiality agreement.”

She has been divorced several times and rumored to have affairs, leading many within her own community to doubt her Christian faith.

This is the person who has Trump’s ear on spiritual matters. This is who led Trump to his Christian faith — a snake oil saleswoman, whose fraudulent scam preys on people at a vulnerable time. That’s so Trump.

Watch Paula White peddle her resurrection seeds:

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