Trump: Women Who Cry Need To Be Divorced (AUDIO)

There’s no shortage these days of evidence that the Republican nominee for President of the United States has not been kind to women throughout the course of his life and career.

Donald Trump seems to regard women as creatures that exist for his observation, convenience and pleasure—and he clearly thinks they say it best when they say nothing at all.

Audio surfaced today of a particularly telling interview he gave to Howard Stern in 1997 in which Trump offers some free advice to a friend who’s having some marital problems:

Every night he gets a call from his wife. ‘Why aren’t you home?’ … Every night she calls up crying and bitching. And I said to him, ‘Get a divorce cause you’re never going to change.’

Here’s the full clip:

This certainly seems to be the approach Donald Trump has taken to marriage—i.e. drop them the second they become even the slightest annoyance to you and your manly ways. Trump has been married three times, twice to immigrants, one of of whom may or may not have immigrated legally.

And yet, the Trump campaign has decided in the days since his disastrous debate performance to raise the issue of Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

The real question raised by stories like this is why evangelical Christians have rallied to the side of a candidate who has such an openly un-Christian attitude toward marriage. According to, 94% of white evangelical Republicans plan to vote for a man who has openly advocated divorce as a solution to “crying and bitching women,” and who has been married three times himself and has a history of infidelity and pre-marital sex.

Despite his checkered past, “Donald Trump is against same-sex marriage,” according to Politifact.

Here are a few more charming things Donald Trump has said about women, as read by women:
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