Trump Thinks He Is Santa Clause In The Middle Of May, Goes Off At Rally In Indiana

President Donald Trump is currently holding a campaign-style type rally in Indiana.

At one point during the rally, he exclaimed: People are saying Merry Christmas again. He insinuated it was because of actions he took while president.

“Remember the last time I did this? And, this started two and a half years ago when I started. People were not saying Merry Christmas anymore. The big store chains weren’t doing it. They weren’t saying Merry Christmas. Now they’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

Speaking of Christmas – if Trump is talking about gifts, we would be remiss to not mention Vice President Mike Pence’s comments at the rally shortly before Trump took to the stage. He said that “when it comes to the wall, we’re gonna build it all.”

We’re not sure what Trump is talking about because Congress only approved $1.6 billion in border wall funding, far short of the $25 billion the Trump administration requested.

Trump also went off on his Cabinet last week, and particularly Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for sucking on the issue of illegal immigration on the border according to the New York Times.

Later in the rally Trump claimed that Republicans were going to achieve big wins in the upcoming mid-term elections, yet acknowledged that 90% of the time the party that wins the presidency typically loses big the following election.

He says that his slogan for 2020 is going to be “Keep America Great.”

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