Trump Tells Chris Matthews His Muslim Ban Will Have Exceptions – Here’s Who Will Get Them (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s idea for banning Muslims from entering the country until we figure out “what’s going on” has been around for awhile, and he just keeps pushing it. He says it’s necessary for us to just put a halt to all that until we figure things out. That idea seems to have evolved a little bit, though, and Trump is willing to add exceptions to the ban.

What are these exceptions? The Donald has at least one figured out – his rich, Muslim friends will get an exception to any ban on Muslim visitors and immigrants he manages to put in place.

At MSNBC’s town hall, moderator Chris Matthews asked Trump about his “ban all Muslims” plan, which led to some heated argument about whether his rhetoric could possibly inflame Muslims, instead of get them on our side against ISIS. Trump said something he’s said before:

“I have been called by more Muslims saying what you are doing is a great thing, not a bad thing.”

Because of course. The whole world loves Trump, at least, in his own mind they do. There very well may be a few Muslims who are telling him he’s doing a good thing, but they could be friends of his that know the ban, if it ever passed, won’t even apply to them. In that vein, Matthews and Trump also had this exchange:

TRUMP: “The two people in San Bernardino — I have, actually, believe it or not, I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me. In most cases, they’re very rich Muslim.”

MATTHEWS: “But do they get into the country?”

TRUMP: “Oh, they’ll come in.”

MATTHEWS: “How do you let them in?”

TRUMP: “They’ll come in. And you’ll have exceptions.”

Watch the video below:

Chris Matthews hit him hard on the ban itself, but had disappointingly little to say about Trump wanting to give his rich, Muslim friends a pass like that. The truth is that Trump’s push for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. has angered many in the Muslim world, and some of those are business partners of his. Perhaps he’s trying to placate them now.

However, one can infer from that statement that, if he becomes president, Trump would probably find ways to give his rich friends an awful lot that the rest of us would never even see, worse than what’s already happening. Talk about cronyism. His rich Muslim friends could come here, but even Muslims seeking asylum couldn’t.

Of course, this is “just until we find out what’s going on,” in his words, so it’s allegedly temporary. That he thinks it’d be okay to let his rich buddies do what they want while alienating the rest of the world’s Muslims, and possibly violating the Constitution to boot, demonstrates that he’s not the crusader who will end corruption and cronyism that we so desperately need.


Image via screen capture from MSNBC town hall event

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