Trump Squirms Uncomfortably – Gets Told He’s A P.O.S. To His Face (VIDEO)

After the latest version of “The Donald Trump Show,” Trump spoke to “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, who asked him a very uncomfortable question. Trump, of course, went into childish bully mode and refused to answer. What was the question? It had to do with Trump’s birtherism regarding President Obama:

“Is Donald Trump honest when he says that Barack Obama isn’t a legitimate president?”

Watch Trump’s reaction below, and in particular, watch how Matthews reacts to Trump’s reaction:

Trump ducks birth certificate questionChris Matthews presses Republican front-runner Donald Trump on whether he still believes that President Barack Obama is not American, but the outspoken candidate becomes uncharacteristically demure.WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

Posted by Hardball with Chris Matthews on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This is almost worse than how he acted on the stage during the debate itself, because at least then he was answering questions. He was petulant and babyish whenever Jeb called him out on something. He called it unfair and unprofessional, and then mocked Jeb in the most unprofessional manner imaginable.

With that in mind, there’s a reason that Chris Matthews’ show is called “Hardball,” and it’s because he asks the tough questions in a very tough way. What he did wasn’t just put Trump in the hot seat, he called Trump out for possibly lying about how he feels about Obama’s birth certificate, and Trump got squeamish and refused to answer.

In June, Salon called Trump a “petulant manchild,” which isn’t exactly inaccurate. He’s become famous for his meltdowns after someone puts the screws to him, and after someone challenges him directly on something. We saw that with Jeb in last night’s debate, and we saw it on Twitter when he went after Megyn Kelly after the first GOP debate in August for her questions about his sexism.

Earlier this year, Anderson Cooper tried to press Trump on whether he was still a birther, and he didn’t want to answer then, either. He did say that he didn’t know whether Obama was a natural born citizen, and questioned again why Obama took so long to release his birth certificate.

In that interview, he also tried to claim that John McCain and Hillary Clinton were both birthers. He said they fought like hell to get his birth certificate released, but credited himself for Obama’s eventual decision to do so. Quelle surprise – Donald Trump thinks he succeeded where everyone else failed. He always thinks that. It’s rarely true in this arena.

It’s nearly impossible to count how many times he tells Matthews that he won’t answer the question, but that calls into question just how honest he feels he’s being when he says that Obama isn’t legitimately president because he’s not a natural born citizen. In other words, he’s still being a petulant manchild.


Image via screen capture from embedded video

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