Trump Just Started Shouting The Same Word Over And Over Again

President Donald Trump just went on a wild rant about a recent report that the Justice Department’s inspector general just released regarding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Not to confuse things: the only thing they found was that McCabe “lacked candor” in revealing information to the media about the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation. That was it. It had nothing to do with “collusion” or the Russia investigaton.

Yet, somehow, Trump tied the two together.

Trump said: ‘He LIED! LIED! LIED!’ over and over again.

Trump also tried to convey that McCabe was somehow former FBI Director James Comey’s puppet, which is also a patently absurd statement.

Shortly after Trump’s outburst, a top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, released a statement saying this has nothing to do with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“The report issued by the Inspector General today has absolutely nothing to do with Special Counsel Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, the conduct of federal investigators so far, or the multiple indictments they have secured against Russian nationals and Trump campaign officials.”

Additionally, McCabes attorney¬†Michael Bromwich says that the inspector general’s report “utterly failed to support the decision to terminate Mr. McCabe.”

“In written submissions to the OIG and DOJ, we demonstrated that the charges were unsupported by the evidence and that the OIG’s conclusions and the FBI-OPR proposal to terminate Mr. McCabe were unjustified,” Bromwich said.

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