Trump Just Made A Gigantic Mistake In Latest Comment, Bernie Sanders’ Reaction Is Priceless

President Donald Trump came out during his press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball and stated that Australia’s publicly funded universal healthcare system was “better healthcare” than the United States.

When MSNBC host Chris Hayes played the clip of Trump saying that, Bernie Sanders just couldn’t hold back his laughter.

He immediately seized on this and sarcastically praised the president for his comment:

“Wait a minute! The president has just said it! That’s great! Let’s take a look at the Australian healthcare system. And, let’s move. Let’s take a look at the Canadian healthcare system or systems throughout Europe. Thank you Mr. President. Let us move to a medicare for all system that does what every other major country on earth does, guarantees healthcare toi all people at a fraction of the cost per capita that we spend. Thank you Mr. President, we’ll quote you on the floor of the U.S. Senate.”


Trump made the ironic comment after the House passed a bill that would dramatically cut government assistance – the complete opposite of what Australia has.

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