Trump Just Lied About Ending Hundreds Of Obama-Era Regulations

President Donald Trump lied when he said that he eliminated hundreds of regulations based on Bloomberg’s analysis of government records.

Last month, Trump boasted, “In the history of our country, no president, during their entire terms, gas cut more regulations than we’ve cut.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

On the other hand, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump got rid of almost 1,000 regulations in the first nine months of his administration. She believes that his action “paved the want for massive job creation and job growth in the country.”

However, Bloomberg noted that Trump is taking credit for killing hundreds of regulations that were already dead. Government records showed only a few regulations were actually removed by the Trump administration. The media network explained the fact that laws allows the removal and reinstatement of government policies every time a new president is elected in the White House.

Trump’s claims over deregulation were overblown

Trump stopped proposed rules that haven’t reached the government’s machinery. That was the primary basis of the president’s claim of victory in the war of regulations, according to Bloomberg’s analysis.

The media network noted that the White House removed or stopped 860 pending regulations by withdrawing 469, classifiying 109 as “inactive” and relegating 282 to “long term.”

The results of its analysis showed that Trump’s claims were “exaggerated” since hundreds of pending regulations have been taken off the books before he became president.  Some of the regulations listed as withdrawn are still under development by federal agencies. According to the media network, more regulations were moot because the actions sought in a pending rule already effective.

“There is little doubt that the government under Trump has launched an aggressive assault on regulations governing everything from climate change to financial transactions, and policies restricting new ones are likely to have long-term impacts on government,” according to Bloomberg.

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