Trump Embarrasses Jeb During Debate — Says The Wrong Bush Is Running For President (VIDEO)

During the Republican debate, things got real personal between front-runner Donald Trump and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. During one of many heated exchanges, Trump suggested that Jeb was the wrong Bush running for the oval office this year.

The exchange started when the moderator asked Trump about Bush’s older brother, former president George W. Bush. Trump was asked about statements he’d made regarding impeaching the former president and if he still believed that W should have been impeached.

Trump avoided answering the question directly, but did sharply criticize the war in Iraq and stated that he’s the only person on stage who opposed the war and called it a “Big Mistake.” He also pointed out that Jeb flip-flopped on calling the Iraq War a mistake until his advisors told him what to say.

Jeb Bush went to his brother’s defense and said that he kept America safe during a troubled time.

Jeb’s statement didn’t sit well with Trump who injected:

“The world trade center came down during your brother’s reign.”

Jeb continued talking about his family and how lucky he was to be the son of a strong mother, and that’s when Trump pounced and hit him with the best comeback of the night.

She should be running.”


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